Yamaha WR250R Owner's Review

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Latitude: In my opinion, if I could mount the engine from a WR250R in place of the one in a CRF250L Rally, it would be the perfect bike for me. I could get all the benefits of Honda's gauge cluster, larger fuel tank, and sleek fairings with an engine that has power to give in all gears and loves to rev.

Dylan Kurtz: dude this is a GREAT video.

Darren Jackson: Awesome review my friend. Its good to see a sensible review.

Taras Kompaniyets: You are right - instrument panel sucks - no tachometer, no gear indicator. Dual sport bike must have those indicators. Stock one looks outdated. To be replaced with KOSO DB-03R MULTIFUNCTION GAUGE. Rear sproket to be changed to 47.

Taras Kompaniyets: I like the way you cut the front fender - stock one looks ugly. Love this bike too. Great review!

Fred D: I'm thinking about getting a WR250R. What fuses did you need to get? What was causing them to blow?

Robert DeMilo: Nice review and yes that was a big dog!

Chad Vickery: "That's a big ass dog. Oh crap!" Lol!!!!

African Prince Okoh: If I could find a motorcycle exactly like this but with a little more power (more capable on the highway by a few points), then I've found me the perfect bike.

miguel miranda: Great review, very good points you made. I happen to be in a conflict. I a in between the 690 or the wr. The only thing that keeps me from the wr is highway speeds and the height. The only thing that keeps me from the ktm is the maintenance and the fact that it weighs more i think wet about 30 pounds more (could be wrong). Any input as to how much your buddy spent on lowering it. I am 5'7. Also any input as to how it handles on long stretches of highway? thanks in advance buddy i appreciate your video. P.S.i have a feeling you ent back for more berries later on hahaha.

SFR SanFranciscoRider: great review thx ! how did you do the cartoon video ? thx

bigbangnone: There is a place about a mile south of Dillon Road south of a little RV camping spot, a couple miles West of the 60 and North of the 10. I call it the sand vortex trap.
It trapped my XR200. Not enough power to escape the 150 yard sand hill.
I'm very curious to know of this Wr250L has the power to escape from the sand vortex.

matty d: you dont feel the need to change the seat but you do feel the need to put a fake air hawk on it lol.

Steven: How tall are you?

Mr poppagorgio: sweet bike man. gotta ask u though. what do you think of the front tires street manners. ? im a dr650 guy but after riding these oem trailwings around. im impressed by there street manners and offroad in mild dry stuff. and i get 7 grand out of em. your bike has the 50/50 wings on it. looking at that front tire specifically. i run dunlop d606 out back for dirt. in front im probably going with the front off your bike. taking a two week trip to the southwest soon. you guys seem happy with ur tires. sorry for length of post.

jeremy: I miss mine! I had a 08 X model with under 4000 miles basically brand new. I miss it!

Mad Dog: You worry me when you dont wear gloves baby!!

Mod Nagant: Also, you sound like Johnny Bravo.

Mod Nagant: Dang. I'm 5'8" and was wondering how the ride height was. That's definitely a big issue for me. Thanks for the review.

Solace: Cool little bike 😃
Yamaha WR250R Owner's Review 5 out of 5

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Yamaha WR250R Owner's Review