Is Lash Boost Worth It? | Full Review After 12 Weeks Of Use

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Is Lash Boost Worth It?   Full Review After 12 Weeks Of Use
Is Lash Boost Worth It? Full Review After 12 Weeks Of Use
Rodan + Fields Lash Boost Review! Plus Before + After Pics
Rodan + Fields Lash Boost Review! Plus Before + After Pics
Why I Stopped Using Rodan+Fields Lash Boost
Why I Stopped Using Rodan+Fields Lash Boost
Rodan+Fields Lash honest review and results
Rodan+Fields Lash honest review and results
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We Tested 4 Eyelash Growth Serums to See If They Really Work

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Makeup.Just.For.Fun: PLEASE DO NOT post or reply to comments on this video trying to drum up business for yourself from my video. I get that you are on your hustle and I respect that but your comments will be deleted for two reasons: 1) I put a lot of time and effort into this video - weeks of product testing and research plus hours of filming and editing. This is my work. I created it to give information to my viewers, not for a complete stranger to profit from. If you want to use a YouTube video to make sales, I suggest you make your own or make friends with a YouTuber who will do it for you. 2) I am very clearly referring sales to my friend who gave me this product, helped me with my research and actually asked me to make this video. I mention that several times in both the video and the description. If you are here trying to take sales from her then you either have no sense of morality or, more likely, you didn't even take the time to watch this video and just jumped on the opportunity to profit from someone else's work without even watching it. Either way - if you post here trying to make sales I guarantee you that your comment will be deleted the moment I see it. Thank you and I appreciate you respecting my request.

Gail P.: I just found Lash Boost on a consultant's Facebook page and wondered if it really works. Thank you for the review, beats spending $3k on lash extensions, which I would never do!!! Your lashes look great & your outtakes are funny! 😊

Crystal Anderson: A number of my randomly-added fb "friends" market for Rodan & Fields. All their products, but mostly the latest ungodly expensive Reverse, Redefine, Unblemish, Soothe etc line & LashBoost. They of course SWEAR by it, but few have posted their own personal results from using these products. I'm glad I stumbled on your video. I was trying to find a REAL user! With REAL RESULTS. I'm gonna buy this. My eyebrows are thin & sparse. Eyelashes are fine. But my brows are lame. I thought about trying that Latisse, but I heard bad things about that so I'm gonna give LashBoost a whirl! Thanks! Your lashes look great!

Rocksock83: This was helpful! Thank you!! 😊

erica vigil: I want your brows!!! I am def slapping this on my sparse brows!

Emmy Beals: I am thinking about buying this product from a friend who just started as a consultant for R and F. Was noticing that a lot of photos of the results seem to show the lashes growing unevenly (like, 50% of the lashes growing longer than others). Has anybody else found this to be the case?

Susan Norman: Great video! You’re young, know anyone over 55 yrs old who has used this product?

Joseph Adams: This worked for me-for length but not body. My lashes got crazy crazy unreal long, but they did not get thicker. I have been using 8 weeks, so I am hoping to see some new growth and thickening soon!

Melanie Hassan: Hey! I’m from DC too and now I live down by Virginia tech! Anyway, love your channel and I was thinking about picking up lash boost and i think this definitely swayed me towards buying it.

Winnie Parks: So your lashes shrink back to normal size when you stop using the product?

Mary Elmore: Fantastic unbiased review of lash boost! I was an early adopter so I was pretty skeptical as they were very few reviews at the time, but I desperately needed a non extension option for my lashes so I took a chance. Glad to see a great comprehensive review with comparison to extensions including cost.

Megan Morici: Is it normal to have some redness occur? This happened the first night into the next day.

♡ Francoo ♡: When you say diminish, do you mean eyelashes start to fall more than before? Or you just go back to the way they use to be?

Cherry Doolittle: Seems like a product I may have to try not only for my lashes but my brows too! Unbelievable cost difference when compared to extensions. WOW! Just not sure if I have the patience to wait for results.

Nicole Conner: Can you do a video on how to get the look you're wearing in this video? Love the shadow and how you did your eyes!

kane clawson: great info but THE best part is after she finishes and then just gets seriously silly.....

Laura Steigers: Thanks for such an honest, helpful review! btw, you look like a young Jennifer Connelly!

Daphne Ticola: love your eye shadow! what are you wearing?

Sherrie Marchi Coaching: You are so funny! Thank you for this great vid!

Nicole Dahlen: I absolutely love lash boost.....I love that they are my own lashes, so no unnatural feel like extensions. Although I have heard people that get extensions actually have much better results when using lash boost regularly as well.
Is Lash Boost Worth It? | Full Review After 12 Weeks Of Use 5 out of 5

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Is Lash Boost Worth It? | Full Review After 12 Weeks Of Use