Honda CR And CRF Motocross Bike History 1973-2016

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Honda CR and CRF Motocross Bike History 1973-2016
Honda CR and CRF Motocross Bike History 1973-2016
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1975 Honda CR125 Elsinore - Tom White's Museum
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Mk3shiz: Had an 84 cr125 now I got an 1990 cr250r in excellent condition

Dimebag Abbott: I still have my 2000 and 2006 cr250

SovietRefusnik1 Golem: 1981 ng
Won trophies on 83 250&480.

Vex X: Damn this beat is awesome! :D I could listen ti this kind of crap all the time . cool video too. :)

Mat Frampton: VERY WELL DONE VIDEO!!! My only wish is it would have lasted longer. My father owned a HONDA dealership along w/Yamaha and Hodaka. when I was a toddler. Anyone remember Hodaka? Lot of 2 stroke bangity bang for the buck. Eventually, he only sold Honda and modified them to compete w/2 cycle motors. His Honda's revved to high heaven, and me & my 2 bros scored many a win in flattrack & motocross on 4 stroke bikes. Way back then, (early 70s)Yamaha was considered crap by many in my experience . But it didn't take long for them to build a hi-perf quality machine. Now, I ride Kawasaki, but LOVE all motorcycles. Thx for bringing back great memories. :-)

Nzdds: Why stop making 2t?

Mitchell Savage: Way to cool man i love these bikes

ВАДИМ vadim 33: bicycle

Jeff Barton: Got that first yr cr60 for xmas when i was a kid. It was no joke with that 6 speed. It loved to flip people on their backs. Sold i on consignment when i went to college around 93 for 900 bucks so they mustve sold it for over a grand

HadrienATF: I just got a CR125 2001 😍

Lego and RC man: this guy is missing the entire crf250x and crf450x line up

Raymond Betancourt: What does expert mean on an 03 cr85r. What’s that difference,from stock?

Armand Vigneto: where's crf 50 lol

Mauro C.: 2T FOREVER!!!!

Bill Allen: mine had a high pipe on it came up on the right side

Bill Allen: I'm 45yrs young and my first dirt bike for racing was a 1976 cr125m elsinor bought it new in the crate from a dealer in Napa California in 1987 or 88 I started racing vintage class dinosaur class to be exact...i couldn't afford to race a newer bike...i was pretty successful because I was the only person willing(stupid enough) to double jumping a double shock or (spring)

Henry Savage: They made the CR60 in 1985 too, just for canada I think. It looked like the bigger bikes of that year. Still was air cooled though. Never really caught on because it couldn't beat the KX.

Henry Savage: I had an 84 cr60, and 83cr80, and 84 cr125 and an 86 cr250. Currently fixing up an 83 cr80 for my nephews to ride when they're older...

Smile Yimyim: ติดต่อใครไม่ใด้เลยมีแต่ภาษาE.

robbingrobber: 7:28 then the honda mx 2 stroke engine started craptin the bed with that garbage RC valve
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Honda CR and CRF Motocross Bike History 1973-2016