Dynasty Warriors 8 Review

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Northernmight: Really wanted to buy this, but i have an Xbox without an internet connection for it, so i wouldn't be able to download said patch. That sucks.

Horus Legacy: I just bought it again today, my favorite one out them all. I loved dynasty warriors 4 (first one I played) and 5. 6 was a step backwards (played one mission and sold it :( ). 7 I skipped out. This one I LOVE! my favorite kingdom would be Shu. Though too many good characters to choose a favorite but I really enjoyed playing as Taishi Ci!

soundbombing: review starts at 1:50

Snoopy.Diz: I enjoy the DW series but I wish Koei would get their crap together and make another ROTK. The latest was only released back in 2012 and then only in Japan.

Nick Massey: Have you played Samurai Warriors 4 yet? Could you do a review of it??

Sarge Sarge: I love playing Dynasty Warriors but I don't like the fact that ps2 troops are way stronger then the troops for ps3 and why can't we make our own body guard like before the truth from ps2 dynasty Warriors gave me an even greater challenge is doing the troops for ps3 even they can take me out faster then the cheat for ps3

POOP Dollar: If they really wanted to make money and please the fans at the same time, they'd bring back DW4. This game has been getting worse since DW5 but I still play them because I'm a sucker for some Dynasty Warriors...I just wish they'd bring back/improve the old mechanics.

fierce deity: hyrule wariors is way better than this

Простофиля ТВ: my fav game)) I like 'em all)) also, I like Earth Defense Force 2025)) and Warriors : Legends of Troy)

Haloid JackassHero: The cutscenes between missions should have voice acting in the japan version
it seem that they remove it in the eng version

Charlie Wang: If you have both ps3 and xbox360, buy the ps3 version!

Leduxes: you know what would be nice for the DW series? Ragdoll physics

Madalitso Kumwembe: Thats true!! Awesome game!! Love the series!!

Bumbi:  DW 8 is fun but lacks in many areas:

No officer creaton or Bodyguard

Very few costumes for officers,

The weapons are copies of DW 7 (if you bought the DLC) + a couple of weapons that can be found in Warriors Orochi, overall the weapons are not new (except 3-4 wep), the only change is that each officers now have personal EX weapons.

Level design is the same as always and really needed to be refreshed, unfortunately it was not.

Voice acting is over the top fun (or ridiculous/takes you out of the game). 

Graphic is atrocious, stage textures are just disgusting when you compare it with...hell anything...It is comparable to early PS3 game (I play on PS3) or DW 5.

Weapon storage is broken and very poorly done, needs micromanagment bullcrap and you get way to many weapons, then you sell them and reach the cap of 999999$ in a game that gives you anough money to accumulate billions.

2 player coop is still Broken with dialog appearing in the top portion of the second players half of the screen making it impossible for him to see at a distance because someone is always talking. Also, chosing an officer available in battle will only create let`s say 2 Liu Bei, so the 2nd players has no missions based on characters. 

Love the possibility to play a stage with the opposing forces in freemode, that was my main problem with other DW and Orochi titles

The difficulty is no longer insane/1 shot combo on hard and chaos

Conquest mode is ok, nothing very special about it, i would have preffered something deeper with epic battles to conquers territories (much like empires)

correction in the video, rage is not unblockable...unless you play on normal and lower

If you love DW you will surely love this game because you bought DW 6-7 and they were very bad. If you bought Orochi 3 this game will be almost the same but with less characters and weapons.
This game is mhe, as a fan you will like it better than other games because you can compare it,
It`s nothing of a masterpiece or something very original, but DW is always the same and we know what we are getting, it is very much like buying a new EA sports game every year or so, almost nothing changes, but just enough to make you happy.

There thats my 2 cents.

ThexWickid: I feel like they're just going to keep adding characters until you can play as every single person in the Three Kingdoms history. But in the next one I hope they put in Man Chong from Wei, Liao Hua and Yan Yan from Shu, Jiang Qin and Zhuge Jin of Wu. Also in DW8XL, the new characters are Zhu Ran, (Wu), Chen Gong and Lu Linqui (Other). If there are others, then I don't know about them

SlimmCutta: I purchased it last night and it's great, I traded Madden 25 for my xbox one in which was a waste, for Dynasty Warriors 8 on 360 which knock the price down $10.00, and I must say it was a steal... If you were never into tactical strategy and Japanese war fare and history, then this game isn't for you... but if you are this is the dynasty warriors game to buy, more combinations, rank up, and weapons to unlock with hours and hours and hours of gameplay and plus over 70+ characters to choose from... Good Looking koei #LuBu 

claymode2: I'm still deciding whether to get dynasty warriors 8 or warriors orichi 3!!! Which one would you recommend I play?

TrueBlueYoshi: I have no clue what Alex Champ is saying, this game is phenomenal! I have to say... I haven't played a Dynasty Warriors game since the psx era. This game Definately [ as you said ] is the best time to jump into the series, I even went out and bought orochi warriors 3 after this too, still working on getting lu bu up chaos rank and such but There is sooooo much to do in this game its crazy!

Alex Champ: while i enjoyed the dynasty warriors games NOBODY SHOULD EVER BUY this game EVER. people shoudl wait for the extreme edition so koei stops fkin with their fan base and release a gimped version than a couple months later releasing Extreme version which is basically same game with extra characters. 

So do yourself a favor and either wait for Extreme version of the empire version BUT DO NOT BUY THIS

DeuceTubage: I absolutely love this game, from what I've seen it looks really fun. I've played this game since the fourth one and it's been getting better and better. minus the sixth one that was such a fail. But I am an xbox user but I love Sony more. I want this game so bad but I have not had the money to get it. But minus the slowdown and no narrator it looks like the best one they have made.
Dynasty Warriors 8 Review 5 out of 5

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Northernmight: Really wanted to buy this, but i have an Xbox without an internet connection for it, so i wouldn't be able to download said patch. That sucks.
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Dynasty Warriors 8 Review