Mean Tweets - Country Music Edition

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honky country boy: Kasey Musgraves and Willie Nelson were the only country artists on this video. One thing though, had to pause just to look at Kasey Musgraves. So damn cute

Alexis Domingo: 2:01 hunter hayes is a midget

Emily marie Ohman: this is great

Shae Barger: Whoever wrote the rascal flatts tweet must be deaf.

Celsius: My God, the nectarine and hot dog bun tweets nearly killed me.

Monica Owen: How dare you talk about Scotty the hottie McCreery!!

Austin Copenhagen: Sam hunt, dont u have to make country music in order to be on country music edition? Buddy u go 15 in a 30 cuz u drive a ford and u sing body like a back road cuz ur banging a alligator

denelson83: "How tiny is he?!"

Nathan Yusuf: Do soccer players

Kathryn Paseler: Some of these country guys are hot

James Madison: @everyone on twitter

Y'all suck

Peter Perez: 😂😂😂💀

Mark Perez: 1:51 Damn Right Sam Hunt is the Male Version Of Taylor Swift😂😂

VividRito: The one who read the tweet for Rascal Flatts sounded like Owen Wilson

Kacie Nicole: All of these artists are great

Alyssa Wilson: I love Hunter Hayes’s response XD “how did you know?”

Teresa St.John: All people so bad I just saying that Rascal Flatts that person talk like thatThe best music ever and so cute

Caleb Beasley: GA/FL line, music and videos are usually great in my opinion, but that hats not workin unless y'all are heading out to fish brother. Take it from the dude wearing a straw hat in his profile pic.:p Pound sign, fashion guru(O, dang, only hash anything I've mastered are hash browns and well, hash, no explanation needed).

dimebag: 1:15 look at rascal flatts he doesn't know how to react to the mean coment that was actually true so he fake laughs

Corrie Eastman: To the DOSH that said that about Scotty McCreery go to Hell
Mean Tweets - Country Music Edition 5 out of 5

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Mean Tweets - Country Music Edition