Mean Tweets - Country Music Edition

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Sasha Ray: also 1:35. he has such a cute laugh omg

Sasha Ray: 0:37 is my favorite one

Fredrik Paulsen: Decent stay adult terms deer gene handle past orange

Marlinah Willis: I can't believe the things people say. The one about Rascal Flatts really stumped me...I like their music 😕

Hayley Lavigne: It hurts a little when you adore your favourite musicians and people are mean to them.

Andy Saenz: I'm dying after the Willie Nelson tweet! 😂

Hopey B: I LOVE THE RASCAL FLATTS AND HOW he laughed so hard!!

Christian Brodzenski: I feel like the blonde girl from ill big town deserves it she overreacts on every mean tweet segment. Like she is the sweetest thing like she's gods gift to the earth the nicest thing alive. Most celebrities just laugh. Jennifer Anniston sincerely seemed hurt in mean tweets 1. But she has the fakest hurt expression ever. Hell I wanna make a twitter just to roast her

Christian Brodzenski: The grandpa nectarine one had me ctfu

Christian Brodzenski: How you gonna try n dawg Tim mcggraw or willie nelson or

Ben Dover: Why do people hate on Country so much? I mean these are funny, but Country is the best type of music!

free man: G'night mean tweeters go Tweet yourself.👍🤠🇺🇸

Ms Masy: i love Rascal Flatts!

Mike C.: Carrie Underwood is soooo BOOOORRiiiinnnggggg!!!!!

Berlin TU Berlin: i dunno who the blonde is i am from europe but i would immediatly help the guy punching her face

יהודה שמחה ולדמן: 01:13

Luke M: How come the guy from Little Big Town looks like the crack addict equivalent of David Spade and Willie Nelson having a child?

Kaitlin James: 1:31

Brad Polmateer: Awesomely funny
Keep up the Bash tweets lol

Gaia Shield: I wonder if anyone watches these and recognizes their tweet and goes nuts knowing the target got the msg.
Mean Tweets - Country Music Edition 5 out of 5

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Sasha Ray: also 1:35. he has such a cute laugh omg
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Mean Tweets - Country Music Edition