Mean Tweets - Country Music Edition

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Sam Salem: I'm on you all night f^*k boy

whateverfudge: Kacey's was funny

Puppy LoverHannah: To the Luke Bryan one well then i must always be drunk

Devin Mccurry: I absolutely loved the willie nelson one

JW Nugent: Evolution somehow took a wrong turn with twitter

Sasha Ray: the guy's eye raise slowly at 1:59 though

Stephen Crockett: I didn't know carrotop was in little big town

John Doe: Why did no one mention that listening to country music is homo erotica? Singing it means you live with balls on your face.

Katie W.: Hunter- β€œHow’d you know?!” πŸ˜‚I love him. He’s such a huge inspiration. He doesn’t allow other people to bring him down.

Keiji Patton: The Dan and shay reaction is to funny

Shawna Rose: I've actually been to a Randy Houser show he just gets drunk and laughs like woody wood pecker and he's rude when you meet him.

Phoebe Congloebe: Mean Tweets: Metal/Punk/Emo Edition!!!!

Meh: I would sleep with Tyler Hubbard if it meant I got to sleep with Brian Kelley. FGL FTW.

Ben Magnez: It's not really mean it makes you freakin laugh!

Jazmine Collington: Florida damn Georgia line 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Holly Wyant: I love little big town lol

DKNOTX: Dear FGL...... What are you guys WEARING

Dylan Brown: Honestly I don't like country music but I'm not gonna say anything rude about it.

Stevearonisoup 13: I love Chris young so i got mad when he read that tweet

BroNumsi: IDK who any of these people are, but since the tweets are about county musicians, I just assume they're making valid points.
Mean Tweets - Country Music Edition 5 out of 5

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JeepSrt8Lilboi: V10
Jermaine Reid: how much to do a w209 clk coupe
GsimaFlix: Like
Mr Barbarossa: Thanks for this great review
Sean Maher: Pretty disingenuous stuff. You don't have to like the Iranian regime to know it is severely threatened by the west and sees a nuke as vital. They know that the west is responsible for millions of Iranian deaths in the last century - due three invasions and a coup - and thanks to hawks like Hitchens and the dense surrounding network of US bases, another invasion could easily happen. He pins all the blame on those nasty Ayatollahs, happily ignoring history for once in order to ingratiate himself with Washington's worst.
Music JAPS: How much?in Indian rupees
Kyle Morris: And where are all of those cups of coffee, often times in the landfill.

Mean Tweets - Country Music Edition