How To Apply Mascara Like A Pro

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The BEST Way to Apply Mascara - My Tips for Perfect Lashes!!!
The BEST Way to Apply Mascara - My Tips for Perfect Lashes!!!

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Sabir Khan: madachod Hinde bol

Jiwon Kim: I forgot i subscribed to you before 💕

Cecile Ward: Ugh the struggles of being a girl -.-

Silent Studios Skits: Freddie Mercury is my hero (besides Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) and I saw that he wore mascara, and my moto is: "If Freddie did it, anybody can do it." But my eyebrows are naturally long and dark, so nobody notices when I put it on lol.

Henrik Torp: Where's the eyelash curler? you are totally doing this wrong.

Marah Alzubi: My problem is applying mascara to the lashes near the corner of my eye (the corner besides the nose)

mergirl2000 Dunne: My favorite mascara is Chubby lash by Clinique!
Can't be without it!

D3V3TT3: Who else has long top eyelashes but really small bottom eyelashes

Eden Wodajo: That moment when you put on your mascara so well but then you accidently smudge some on your eyelids....


Alex Vintage: Somebody has a tip to avoid getting mascara in the eyes? :D

Gabbie's Unlimited Toys Review: I tried. I really did. They turned out crusty. 😂

Samantha Gil: What a queen

morpheus goddess: all the boys in my class are hot and have long lashes 😑 Genes -.-

Robyn Dalton lifestyle and makeup: thank you for making this video and you are so helpful and I love that about you

Sevda ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ박지민: when i apply mascara it looks like spider legs lmfao ;--;

Kyut Psycho: 90% - boys have long lashes!
5% - I have no lashes
5% - hi

Anosha H: This is exactly what my dentist does when he shows me how to use a toothbrush. U just wiggle it side to side and sweep up...

mallory: Damn i just wish my lashes curl on their own when i blink into the wand, yeah i have asian straight lashes but what can you do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Katey Jennel: For u people who need a closer look 1:03 :)

Nancy Darling: That was really helpful.
How to Apply Mascara Like a Pro 5 out of 5

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How to Apply Mascara Like a Pro