Sharpening 202: The Burr

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M Sato: I just came across your videos few days ago, I have learned so much from your videos, clear and detailed. One of the best on youtube. Many thanks!

David Cahan: Correct me if I'm wrong and I only ask because for some reason I got the impression that you consider the burr to be bad, but isn't burr formation integral to getting a razor sharp knife? I've heard that it is and that with each grit stone you want to sharpen until you get a burr in both directions (first one side then the other) and once you do you move up in grit (less course). . Does this make sense to you?

figlie: Thanks for the video bro. Congrats.

specopsbrat: When I get down to the ceramic stage I pay attention to consistent number of strokes. 10 right,10 left,9 right,9 left, 8 right, 8 left. I just count down to zero. Then I do the same with strop stage. I have found that if you consistently monitor the edge through the coarser stages, when you get to the finer stages, it works well. It is definitely an art form to me. It relieves stress and has become enjoyable and meditative to me. Some people hate the thought of sharpening their knives. But you can get OCD with it if your not carefull.

Eddy A: Excellent!

Troy Daggs: Nice video, I think this will help me alot. I tent to run higher end steels(s35vn, s35v, D2, damascus, 134cm) and im curious how many pases to get a bur. Say lansky med stone? Results vary im sure. It takes many many pases before I give up and stop bur hunting, I'm guessing 20 to 30 pases. I'll try again after this info and try to get a wicked edge. I think i have been a wire edge victim many times.


Dan the man: Best way to avoid burr???

Gary Mayo: Toilet paper works in place of a Qtip.

David P.: Try the very tip of a pin to check for a bur

drumer919: Dude I would love to learn something from this video but using 3G cell service I can't get threw it, it just won't work. At what time in do you actually start sharpening an stop explaining what a burr is? 15 min after clicking on this I'm @ 6:32 and your still just talking. I'm not trying to be a pickle but I'm know a hurry and I'd like the meat & potatoes so I can be on my way.

Painkiller DCXVI: If you keep and keep sharpening the blade will a burr keep forming? I seriously don't know when to stop...

19slb86: sorry , thnx for the vid . How do you remove comments on youtube ?

19slb86: i still dont know why i keep hearing the world burr the hole damn time. Explain what a freaking bur is correctly and why it is important with sharpening. I ordered a wicked edge it will arrive tomorrow. im just gonna go fakking nutz hearing the word bur again and still dont know why a burr is important. freakking irritated at this point, hearing burr in al these sharpening video s with nobody correctly explaining what it is

joe squat: this isnt related to the video but i just lost the washers on my UKPK. was all excited to clean it and try a stonewash and then when i was putting it back together i realized i was missing the washers. is there any thing i can substitute for the washer? the knife has a real gritty opening and has blade wiggle now. i dont think spyderco would send new ones because i voided the warranty by taking apart. any responses appreciated

Ryan Nafe: John, your channel is awesome. No other way to put it. And videos like this are why I love YouTube.

fuck your comments: Probly a stupid question but I don't know ANYTHING about knives an I wanna learn fast, seems like a hobby I would enjoy

fuck your comments: I'm just getting into knives, I purchased a Kershaw cryo and so far I really like it for the price, no defects or anything but it doesn't cut through paper without fast momentum so I want to make it sharper, I'm gonna order the spyderco sharpmaker BUT my only question is could sharpening it ruin the titanium coating on the blade?

brentfoto: One of the best instructional videos on burrs that I've seen - helped me to understand better. Also, this video caused me to subscribe. I was very much into sharpening a few years ago but got frustrated with the Spyderco SharpMaker as I couldn't get my knives sharp enough. I know that it was probably due to user error, but I just gave up on it.

dlt205: Great video! I finally understand the burr and how to remove it. I manged to sharpen a knife for the first time that sliced through paper smoothly. Prior to this I always made a knife less sharp. Thanks
Sharpening 202: The Burr 5 out of 5

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Sharpening 202: The Burr