Suunto Vector Ultimate Survival Watch? Think Again!

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suunto vector ultimate survival watch? Think again!
suunto vector ultimate survival watch? Think again!
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Aamir Shaikh: I will go for g shock

Michael ruff: in 2018 sunto just lost another sell . I am going with g shock rangeman

Jonathon Black: Detrimental to survival means it’s harmful to survival. You could say it’s detrimental not not have one during a survival situation.

LA: Awesome video on Suunto's horrible customer service. I was about to buy this watch. I'll have to get the Casio GX56BB. Suunt o just lost me.

Bruce Foley: Thanks brother great video I won't be buying one

Hellhound k: thanks alot for this video, i was debating between sunnto or g-shock rangeman for a mounth, watched lots reviews and videos and just today i was about to make my final decision that i stomp up on ur video and im glad u made it. and i guess i will go with g-shock.

John Ingle: 1 EMP and they’re toast !

Russell Hawkins: Thanks for this review.I'll buy another watch instead.

robert bishop: Good for you! G shock every time for me.

Fita Pilot: Bought a g shock and happy with it. No suunto for me

SHOW TIME: Thanks for the heads up

Duane Sobczak: Thank you for helping my decision between this and the G Shock.

John Stoner For Life: suunto would never try something like this in Finland..... 😂😂 that's to less government "regulation" there isn't as much consumer protection laws in the USA...

GHOST-N-GUN gaming and outdoors: Was looking for a nice watch and was really considering the suunto x but I think I'll just get another 5:11

Jake Emery: Appreciate the info and I nearly bought a Suunto I will get Casio Protrek 2500 instead much better and solar battery and waterproof it's a no brainer

Mohd Balushi: this is strange for me sunto software is more simple than Casio watch . Casio is very difficult to understand

Rocking in a free world: I own many g shocks. Love them they are durable and long lasting.
I have in the past owned a suunto core. No issues at all.
I now own a suunto traverse alpha. It is an amazing watch.
It does what it says and is more accurate that the g shock.

eyeonlife: I understand what you mean. It's a bitch but NO Watch company covers Water damage even if the watch is an ISO certified dive watch. There is no way for companies to know if the back was opened or not.

Pitt Bunker: Was going to buy one for myself. Well, I guess I'm not going to after watching this video. The Casio protrek, that's what I will buy. Reviews are great, and it's solar. Thanks for pointing us to such problem with their crapty customer service.

treiz: this is good to know.  I had never heard of this brand until recently, now I guess I know why.
suunto vector ultimate survival watch? Think again! 5 out of 5

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Aamir Shaikh: I will go for g shock
John Heaton: Brown Eyed Handsome Man is my favourite.  Great video to that too.
Piotr Zygmunt: Spoko
brian johnson: Seen it for around £24 in the UK at the entertainer find the 85 A wing for a bit more un boxed good condition on eBay with no nerth gun
Bartu Arda Kanber: reis R M360 Var bende overdrive yok bulamadım
Тимур Тимерханов: А, что лучше купить: Razer deathadder 3500 или bloody v8m за туже цену? Подскажите пожалуйста ;-)
sagarika amonkar: freak off fair and lovely

suunto vector ultimate survival watch? Think again!