Starr & Michael | 4-11-12

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Charisma Kelley: That is so awkward Starr talking about michael's father and being in his house too

Madi: I am so sad that hope died!

00jinx: yes!

Neha: I'm loving these 2..they hav awesome chemistry!

I'mFeeling22: OMG I love their chemistry & sooo sweet of Michael hugging Star for the 2nd time! GH better hurry up & pair them because I'm in love with MiStarr<3!

abriaangel: i know right, they better happen after all the crap the writers are doing to jason and sam.

xClassicalCosplay: I stopped watching just because Cole and Hope died.. I bursted in tears.. I just.. Can't believe it.

marmarisbacc2: Oh really? Oh okay never

desiree hiers: i love when michael touch starr ever time

marmarisbacc2: Man I feel a strong sexual chemistry between them. Those little touches on the couch was hot. I wanted them to just kiss but of course that is just WAY too I think it's mainly the fact that Chad &Kristen are close off screen. Kristen has a little crush on him IRL so hey who knows what happens BTS maybe their offscreen chem is pouring big time on to their on screen romance/friendship ;) lol

marmarisbacc2: How is it forced? Because honestly these two have great chemistry. Their stares, their touches &the littlest things they do just has a beautiful spark to them. Chad &Kristen have a strong chemistry that they're acting easily bounces off of them naturally. There is nothing forced between them.

stardustruby: Corinthos and Manning. The fathers are already hating and the mothers are already drinking XD. Soon-To-Be-Crossed-Lovers much?

tutefanfic: What's forced?

tutefanfic: I never liked Cole, and I'm happy he's gone. Finally!

TaraMelton13: I think these two have so much chemistry together, don't disappoint me GH! <3

osadiayegirl: ugh so forced

disneyrocker941: Starr and Michael -3

Nhandi J: i loved starr with cole and i'm sad she lost her family but these two together are dynamite. corinthos and manning theyre ready to explode. :)

Ser Torrhen Clegane: Sonny seeing those two. Awkward!!!!!
Starr & Michael | 4-11-12 5 out of 5

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Starr & Michael | 4-11-12