Ace's First Impressions Of Europa Barbarorum II

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Ace's First Impressions of Europa Barbarorum II
Ace's First Impressions of Europa Barbarorum II
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toaky Plays Europa Barbarorum II - Part 1
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A Look at Europa Barbarorum II
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Europa Barbarorum 2 Chaotic Battle 2260 vs 4000

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Athis: music way too loud

Henrik Hovhannisyan: Hayasdan is Armenia

_Lv58 DeathKnight_ 13Crusader13: 18:00 blah blah stop noob crying

Lord Ashenwyte: The "Afghans" were actually Indians. Sorry if you knew already.

Angela Wojcik: is there legionnaires or is this just the Roman rpublic

Strange Person: I can't wait for roma surrectum 3! :'O

Social-Nationalist Meme Network: It's too bad they never went past modding in medieval 2. With that said, I guess with the crapty warscape engine they'd be a little bit limited in what they can do.

dreesdroeftoeter: I'm a 100 turns into a game and despite the bugs was enjoying it. Then I found out that they removed all the elite units, including stone throwers. What the actual freak!! Right now I'm just angry that they even released it.

Claudio Chiarella: Tremendous!

desy ters: What About archer?

EniEvi: It'll take another year until this mod is perfect.

Brec Miller: I freaking HATE rome 2, but honestly, how in the hell can you play this garbage? graphics are dated, game mechanics are dated, hell I think I threw up a little in my mouth. gross. boring.

RemusKingOfRome5: Yes, EB2 looks so great especially now that Rome2 is so Lame. Do Romans start off as Hoplites ? Servian Reforms ?

aceblazer25: @Meska Lead, you have to get the Polybian reforms. Rome in the beginning of the game was just outstripping it's City State status, and it wasn't until the Punic Wars that it gave citizenship to Italians outside of Rome, hence you can't recruit Roman troops outside of Rome in the beginning.

T TD: This mod have all to be excellent but the "AOR" recruitment system is crappy:
The romans can recruit hastati/principes/triarii ONLY in Rome, in other cities they can only recruiting naked troops or soldier with yellow pants and pink helmets...
Why?! I was thinking that Europa Barbarorum was a historically realism mod...

Zabiják Kuřat: the battel model of M2TW is pretty bad for ancient style of battles, I think that eb develepers will have a tough work to make the battles look ancient and not medieval and I hope they will give the romans and hoplites something like shieldwall because it really doenst make any sence if they just break their formation in the middle of the fight and shieldwall would greatly represent the way how romans fought.

Gert Gregoor: Don't forget to add install the new campaign map AI, to improve gameplay quite a lot!!!!

Desertfox: Wish they could make their own game :)

andré popovski: As much as I love EB I, and I truly do. I do belive that they released this game far to early. I have gotten tons of CTD. Custom battles are a mess, to many units and the factions does not even have their own proper units. So I do hope that they fix it.

Henrik Olanås: Very nice! :)

Ace's First Impressions of Europa Barbarorum II 5 out of 5

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Ace's First Impressions of Europa Barbarorum II