Dark Souls 2 Sorcerer's Twinblade Tutorial (dual Wielding W/ Power Stance)

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Dark Souls 2 Key to the Embedded Tutorial (Right and Left handed)

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Ethan Hart: Just started DS2 today after only playing 1&3... Feels like they just complicated the crap out of this one lmao

ThrustFrom Behind: How to get the other sorcerers twin Blade?

kaan uğurlu: Helicopter mode activate

MCZerky: Anyone else think that it should fire the spells like a bow would? Like you 'draw' an invisible string and the soul arrow forms in place of a normal arrow, and then boom? Other spells that really wouldn't work like that should just cast them normally, but soul arrows/spears should totally be like that. 

AshnSilvercorp: among all the twinblades to finally give the helicopter to... Will the special L2 work with other twinblades?

Sam Johnson: HELLICCOPPTERR!!!!!!!!!!

      .             |:|
 :-. //           /""""""-.
 ': '-._____..--""(""""""()`-.__
  /:   .._   ''  ":""""'[] |""`\\
  ': :'     `-.     :.     '"""" :
   ::          '-=:____:.___...."
                     O"       O" 

Guy Fieri: What sound does a helicopter make?


sparklytwinkly: does it powerstance with the red iron winblade though? cause then double buffed winblade spin 2 win of doom though the stat reqs would be really high.

joshua kim: Why do ALL of the coolest weapons have to be complete garbage?!?! Ivory Straight Sword and now this?! At least its powerstance set isn't as garbage as regular twinblades

TacticalFX: This weapon looks so cool, but what's up with its damage output? It's fairly slow for casting purposes and with 40int, 30 fth, magic infusion and the Sorcery Clutch Ring it had around 300 AR while even the Curved Twinblade has more AR. I absolutely love twinblades, but this? Eh...

Jordi214: you messed up at 1:25. You meant LT,LT,LT because RT casts

Scrub Lord: This was one of the dlc weapons that really raised an eyebrow. So far I haven't seen it being used much by anyone, shame to see a cool weapon go to waste. 

ㅤFiv5 Sev7n: Is there any reason to use this? I personally don't see it.
Still love my powerstance blue flame build

Maurice Anderson: Time for Illidan cosplay...
Dark Souls 2 Sorcerer's Twinblade Tutorial (dual wielding w/ power stance) 5 out of 5

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Dark Souls 2 Sorcerer's Twinblade Tutorial (dual wielding w/ power stance)