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AuraBreaker: Wanna download this game cuz I watch the show and I like Pokemon, but I need an ID to download it, and my dad doesn’t think I know it (even though i do) and he will KNOW he never downloaded a game with an age rating of 17+.
RiverRuns NC: Does Z3TA+2 come complete with drums, bass.etc... or is it just all synth?
kdoeone: Watching this in 2017 is a mind blower.
Flybot: i didn't know you can play with fifa 11 or 12 cards in fifa 15
LilyStar Nicholson: Dan if you dont bild the edchantment room son then sume bote mite use it
PlayStation Guy85: I just got this stuff dam its good
MrNightowl8410: UTO

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