Bmw M3 6 Disk Cd Changer Wont Eject Magazine E36

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Cherelle Brodie: shot bro sorted

Al Wooster: how did you power up the unit out of car

Frank Gorsline: John: Thanks for your post, which was a long time ago. I have a 1999 323 iC with a cd changer in the trunk. It is mounted nicely and covered with the same trunk material in its casing. It has one c/d holder. Does the c/d holder have to have all 6 discs loaded before trying? I only put a c/d in 1 and 6. It seemed to swallow the 6th disc and didn't return. Any suggestions. Thank you. Frank

marry casos: can you show me how the whole thing operates especially the cartridge cuz mines missing

John Keaney: I kept getting Check Error's and finally the magazine got stuck.  My local BMW dealer wouldn't touch this problem nor would ElectraSound - who was a factory authorized Alpine Service outlet!!  And you can't find new replacement units anywhere...

So before I mailed the unit away to California, I figured I had nothing to lose but try these techniques...  And it works!!

No telling for how long, but worst case I'll be back where I was before and try this again...

Thanks a million!!!

Micheál Macdonald: Thanks man, really helpful video.

Mihai-Alexandru Preda: The cd charger from my vw golf 5 got stuck and i didn't heard any noise from inside...i just pulled off the cable from cd charger and put it it works perfect!

ksnowcut: Thanks for the video, works great

BDOGG11SERVNM: I have little to no mechanical inclination and i followed this and it worked! Thanks man. You're awesome

Lumiel Zaibatsu: Just use USB

nigel miller: Thank you.I followed your advice and now the 6 cd changer in my mini cooper now works again-brilliant!!

Daniel Malik: Thank you

Alejandro Pérez: Hi Chris, I have the same problem: the cartridge with the CDs does not eject. I opened it and tried to fix it myself following the steps of your video. The only problem is, with the changer already open, I can´t take the cartridge out. How did you manually realease the cartridge?? Thanks a lot!

James Cooper: Fixed my cd changer after watching this video, thanks!

tubetigeerr: The most easy one. Disconnect the car battery, then reconnected. Then try to eject the CD. It always works for me.


Sonia Loren: Thank you for this video! It helped me so much :) I worked for my BMW mini cooper.:)

Jr312516: This worked for my Mercedes6 cd changer which look almost completely identical, thanks for the video I couldnt find anything helpful online other than this

atiloyalist: That wasn't necessary in my case. Only the things that I fiddled with-most especially the metal arm that goes back and forth

ERICCD11: did you also take off metal grill thing? the one that has that yellow and black sticker attached to it..? or was that not neccesary?
bmw m3 6 disk cd changer wont eject magazine e36 5 out of 5

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Cherelle Brodie: shot bro sorted
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bmw m3 6 disk cd changer wont eject magazine e36