Techniques For Drying Long Hair - With A Blow Dryer.

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Jaymes Warde: If you get a nossle on the hairdryer it will direct the heat down the hair, instead of onto the hair. also if u use the paddle brush instead of the round brush, with tension, it will dry straighter and faster. :)

Lyn R: When I decided to grow my hair in my old age, I got two new hair driers. A small one for travel and a large one for home The hair dryer technology has drastically changed, for the better. The cool setting and the cold 'set' setting are great because the drier has a high wattage, so it is intense. This means if using a hot heat or even warm, you can cool it off fast by switching to the cool or cold set. I do shy away from heat, living in the tropics.

Another great advantage of upgrading appliances and tools, you can now get round brushes for blow drying, that have a ceramic core. So the hair is heated up from the inside out as well as the outside in. If I was living in a climate where wet or damp hair could freeze, I would go back to short hair again, I think. Thanks for more great videos.

Kieran Mcgarry: I had a similar experience to your friend this winter. Not quite frozen, but a gross-feeling damp cold bun on the back of my neck for several hours was profoundly uncomfortable. I usually don't wash my hair in the morning (I'll sleep on it wet no problem) but I wasn't planning to go out at the time. I bought a hair dryer for just these winter emergencies! This is really useful :) I might try it out tomorrow just so I know what I'm doing....I've never used a blow drier in my life.....

JR. Pacer: Me to hot setting goes faster nothing wrong with that .

Jaymes Warde: Torrin I am green with envy, your hair is beautiful. this might sound a little weird but I love how it moves, it looks soft and light. same with cher when she was younger. my hair is about shoulder length and a little bit longer in places and I want it past my butt, maybe to my knees. will my hair move like this eventually or do I have to do something to it. my hair is thick, but I have split ends which im gonna get dealt with soon lol.

Brooke Dedushi: I think the warm setting is the best. A lot of times hot heat feels like it's burning my scalp and on warm it doesn't seem to take any longer to dry

BUHANDLE: smell, kiss, lick. love you.

Katherine Smith: I LOVE those silk drops. Really helps tame flyaways. Got a lot of silicone in it but nothing that a clarifying shampoo can't take care of ;-)

Katherine Smith: I agree with this person. It's nice to see a woman who doesn't look emaciated!

CountessMommy: I had to share I was laughing so hard. I think I am going to watch all the videos on YouTube that way now. Glad you thought it was funny too!

torrinpaige: Wow -busy with phone calls and stuff turns into coho death row resonators? WTH? That is some funny stuff right there. You know I'm gonna have to watch vids now and turn the transcripts on just to see what other insanity I've purportedly spouted. LMAO. How fun! Thanks for the heads up. :o)

CountessMommy: I tried out the interactive transcript feature just to see what it like. I don't think you said this 2:07 "went down coho death row resonators" Just had to share it was pretty funny. Thanx for this video btw, It was very informative.


torrinpaige: Sally's Beauty Supply or Amazon - Since you are a wurly, I would recommend using it when your hair is still wet/damp to get your tangles out, and then just letting it dry. After that, finger combing or a super wide tooth comb -that way your curls will stay defined and fabulous!

Nathalie Kawicki: your hair is amazing!

chochis777: when the first videos I saw her hair was shorter and always admired him, one of the most beautiful, now that is longer looks phenomenal, fantastic, you are the role model for many young people who are taking it pretty short hair, congratulations as one of the most beautiful models with long hair, oh, and let it continue to grow his beautiful golden silk, thanks.

torrinpaige: @bjjowett I have a whole lotta figure, but I thank you so much for this comment. It was just what I needed, BJ. :o)

southernbellekari: Got my tangle teezer this weekend. Washed my hair yesterday & used it & the silk drops. HOLY COW what a difference !!! It was soooo much easier to comb through my waist length hair !!! Thanks SO much for the tips girl they are very much appreciated :-) Oh & I'm gonna separate my hair for drying next time. I do the same thing except I leave mine down, throw on a towel robe for about 30 mins while I get ready. I dry the top , parting both sides then flip my head over & do the bottom. I have a io

torrinpaige: @missartist123 I've had a few gals write in to tell me about that. They figured they'd give it a try since it has a handle - bit it's totally not even close to the same thing, apparently. :o( Boo. I'd take it back for a

missartist123: I accidentally got the tangle tamer thinking it was the tangle teaser. Worst product ever. -_- I'll have to go out and get the "teaser" instead of the "tamer" jeez way to trick people.... :c
Techniques for Drying Long Hair - with a blow dryer. 5 out of 5

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Techniques for Drying Long Hair - with a blow dryer.