LPS ~ Flea Market Finds #3

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Huge Lps Flea Market Finds!
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Huge Lps Flea Market Hunt!
LPS ~ Flea Market Finds #3
LPS ~ Flea Market Finds #3
LPS: Flea Market. LITERALLY!
LPS: Flea Market. LITERALLY!

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splatoon girl 101 I like splatoon :3: 0:53 did anyone see the ant? 👀 🐜

Plaid Shirt: of there was an ant with the dashhound also I'm watching and typing at same time wow so cool ohh a greyhound a a beagle I think it's so fluffy and what country do u live in maybe we can.

EG diamondgirl: Pawsome vid!!!

starconachos butterflydiaz: 0:55 ant 😂😂

Norma: No a flea market is a swap meet where people sell used stuff that they don't want anymore or a thrift shop

lps kawaii panda 7747: I wanna go plssssss I love your channel lol

lps kawaii panda 7747: Lucky!!!!

Ema Kate: Hi

Emmy: what was the place called?

Kaia Is A Potato: So lucky! I can't wait to go to a thrift store or flea market to look.

Carly Leahey: So jelly rn 😭😭😭😭🍇🍇🍇🍇 but still really happy for you ☺️

ғlυғғy: I am gonna try to find some

Bitchie Corn: At my flea market every LPS even rares are only 0.50 each!

lps joji: I went one day and found tom and a brown Great Dane XD they were both 50 cents so it wasn't a bad deal at all lol

Gucci Lps: Lul I got 4 short haired cats fr a dollar each from the flea markets
I only hunt for lps, and sometimes Nike searches

Potato Power! !: Please take me with u!!!

Painted Canvas LPS: I once went to a flea market and found Tom and savys mom so it can be good for LPs take me next timeeeee lol XD

Lps NaturePaws: I went to a flea market and they sold me fake ones ;-;

Lexi’s LPS: u got a dashund!! scratched up but price goof

Peachie Kat: Can I please buy one I don't have many I liked the $1 dollar puppy
LPS ~ Flea Market Finds #3 5 out of 5

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Lj Dollins: wait normal jason protected that blonde at the near end?

LPS ~ Flea Market Finds #3