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S0oo: I wouldn't spend a single cent on a game reviewer from those big websites. Because they are wrong, cosseted and overeaten from the amount of games they reviewed already. The less games you play the more you enjoy a game with mediocre score and the more your mind explodes during a fantastic game.

I choose my games way befor release or trust people that know my game desire. You will miss real gems if you trust those IGN Metacritic reviews.

fusobotic: Honestly game reviews aren't even something I go off of anymore. I just talk with other developers that I trust. Reviewers aren't giving good critiques and are useless because they don't usually develop. Good reviews come from people who are informed of what makes a game feel right, and the best way to know that is to be in the process of developing and researching, not just playing 40 hours all in one sitting.

The Best Boi to Ever Live : The awakining: Why did CoD Ghosts receive positive reviews?

We The Fentons: :)

Citizen of Zorcon: And now we have freelance reviews like SomeCallMeJohnny and Projared that have been getting really popular over the past decade. They are people that ACTUALLY CARE about gaming as a medium and will go into detail on WHY they think a game is good or bad.

Alpharyus Alpharius: Vite Julien Chièze à la rescousse !


Cristopher Cutas: Noobtoob does it with just thumbs up or thumbs down.

nigger ': by lining up every single one of u before the truck of peace passes by

A Blob: I want a free Switch and games too so...

seeJ93: what do you guys think of youtubers like the completionist or caddicarus when it comes to game reviews? i feel like those two are very fair and honest when it comes to reviewing games :O

RadioactiveMoth: Did you imply Bayonetta ISN'T a classic?

last first: if you want good critiques
zero punctuation or the geek critique awesome people

Colette Brunel: 99,9% of all reviewers need to watch this video.

I miss the old GT. They made some really good reviews where they did everything just told in this video and more. It was in depth analyze with comparisons to other games which looks like it. It helped me a lot to decide if I want to buy a game or not with almost 100% accuracy. Today reviewers doesn't even know the genre of the games they review.

To bad GT got over floated with ads which made their videos almost impossible to load and it cashed all the time. I haven't checked it for years so I don't even know if it still exist.

Ene Ce: I'm worried for the girl's arm

maria hernandez: why don't you guys make a like a chart on how better to describe a game or maybe start reviewing some I know I would watch tht

Danae Kelly: Dude what happened to allisons arm?

ForgedGamer: Game literacy episode in 2017. coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Lytane Variety Show: I fully agree that more language should be used in the gaming review industry with better descriptions and examples to other games and media to enrich what the reviewer is trying to say. A number system is alright to give a vague idea what a person or the masses think but there should be more to it than just saying what you liked and disliked. Actually delving into the game, it's mechanics, what it is trying to do for you as a player instead of "bosses look cool" or "Controls feel heavy" as that is very bland, uninventive and basically a poor representation of the experience the game left you with.

You brought up many good topics in your video and now I feel like I should add them to what I do.
Game Reviews - How Can We Improve Game Journalism? - Extra Credits 5 out of 5

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Serph Varna: gameplay starts 2 last mins, thank me later
Carol Akers: Great story.
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Game Reviews - How Can We Improve Game Journalism? - Extra Credits