Cinnamon Bun Oreo Review

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Cinnamon Bun Oreo Review
Cinnamon Bun Oreo Review

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xojaylaa: these oreos are still my fav

Tyler Joseph Smith: I loved these. Gave them a 9.

sappfire2012: those were ok too much cream lol

Albert Wesker: Oreo is getting out of control. I saw "Watermelon Oreo's" at my local Walmart not too long ago.

Monica Daggs: OK good! I was not a fan of these either, and I like cinnamon. I really wanted it to taste like a Cinnabon, and wanted that cream cheese frosting taste. But alas... it was lacking. Glad it wasn't just me!

Black Maverik: I can't find u guys on google plus

jentaheart: Hi Q and Greg

Black Maverik: I always wondered what dewito popsicles would taste like but my mom won't let me use her blender to make dewitos so I figured u guys would be willing to try. just an idea

Black Maverik: just started watching the channel about 2 days ago love it especially the dew

Darnell Jones: hey have you ever thought of doing a wtfh aka what the food happen I really wanna know what happened to the Oreo cereal and why it hasn't even attempted to make come back seriously

Catherine Rittenhouse: lol the last name shout out where you butcher it sometimes reminds me of how when I grew up people always getting mine how hard is's 4 LETTERS! That one today though was long and I would deff get wrong though lol but come on....4 letters...would make me raise an eyebrow lol

theendorsement: And your last shout out to Ryan is CAPTAIN AKROn and was my 1st sunscriber after my first food review 2 years ago! #captakron

theendorsement: MEH ~ I will just stick to making actual Cinnamon Buns I guess- unless i take the plunge and try these bad boys..... LOVE teaching Q the ways of the creme filling extraction method! Great job guys!

Nightmare Studios: What pisses me off is that they are starting to cut back on the packaging. And even if you get the bigger packages, it looks like two or three Oreos are missing.

HEDWIG ETCETERA: by far the best oreos so far :)

natalie cepeda: my favorite boys now the night is wonderful

george costanza: Nice review guys. Appreciate the consistent output of videos lately. Also, didn't the Smore Oreo cookie precede the Cinnamon Oreo cookie as a departure from their standard cookie?

TheHoff: I've heard the Oreos with the "lift" was made in America and the ones without we're made in mexico

Tom Cote: not too Mr happy with those huh?

Karen K: great review, as always guys. Now what are you going to do with TWO packages of those damn things??! On another note, have you seen the chocolate covered Ritz crackers? (with my luck you have already reviewed them and that's the one review I missed!)
Cinnamon Bun Oreo Review 5 out of 5

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Andy Dainty: Great book. Very Nick Hornby. Loved it.
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Cinnamon Bun Oreo Review