Super Metroid: Redesign #1

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benox50: I like hacks that feel like a hack, but that doesnt mean hard, that mean the author injected his personality into it

Coin Op: I just got stuck in dead ends twice within 10 mins of my first play. Had to reset the emulator and start again. Deleted!! The author sucks. The physics would have made me quit soon in anyway

TheUnholiness Within: Password for this game (header, whatever that is)?


Mega Brand On: Enjoyable. Kinda easy to get lost at times. I've beaten this, Golden Dawn, Dependance, and a few others. It's well done though.

Fighter_Builder: I actually saw a reproduction cartridge of this hack for sale at a local game store one time. It even came with a custom box and everything. I kind of regret not picking it up now.

random dude: this looks pretty cool, I might check it out but I'm still annoyed that Nintendo didn't expand on this back in the 90's. The game was wildly successful, they could have made a SM2 but probably lacked story content.

BPR GM: You can actually get Ridley to drop the Metroid larva.

MetalJesus Rulz: This hack sucks.

Michelle Bennett: I played this game but does anyone else know if you rename the games saved data file (.srm) from the original to the redesign you could use the items collected from the original to the redesign, just keep in mind to save at samus's ship or you might load in the middle of a wall (I only know this works with Zsnes) useful if you get stuck or want to explore the games layout, playable if you know the reset glitch in the original, prior to loading the redesign.

(this also works with almost any other remakes)

occultprophecies: The very first Super Metroid hack I ever played and it helped to hone the skills tremendously.

Zyad48: those physics... look amazing
i HATED the physics of the original super metroid, WAYYYYY too floaty, this looks just right

Edward Kenway: i hate the gravity in this hack. hyper metroid is so much better.

Jibbermidget: Holy crap is his commentary ever freaking annoying.

Thirteen 1355: Are those cool Super Metroid glitches still available in Redesign?
Like the Reset Beam/Spacetime?

Billy Goat: i hate this hack, the wall jumping was infuriating and never got further then 15 mins. 

Antoon19811: Played this redesign and the effort and extra amount of content put into this is amazing.  The difficulty scale and depth you need to explore/puzzles you need to solve are well worth the time.  Great Job!

pistolpeta: Im all about discovery and secrets, but the change in damage/health alone is reason for me not to give this a shot.

Please chime in if you believe this is worth the time...

Fate/Stay Night Fanatic: Love this hack, but hate having to hold down dash all the time (as reg. movement is like walking through molasses)

CR2504life: can you get a version of this hack without the physics changes??? I would want to play that
Super Metroid: Redesign #1 5 out of 5

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Christiane Stilson: Great commentary. I'm also just as interested in what 5.2 holds. As annoying as the cyclone cc can be, other cc in certain classes seems to be over powered as well! I'm not sure how I feel about the feral nerf, almost doesn't seem like the right course of action? It will be interesting to see if the priest/druid comp will be viable after the buff of the priest and nerf of the feral. fingers are crossed.
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SWilliamM: Excelente video :3
Sabi Kitten: He's so cute ♡

Super Metroid: Redesign #1