GuitarConnect Cable - Learn To Play Guitar With Amp And Pedals Apps For IPhone, IPad

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Review   Griffin GuitarConnect Cable
Review Griffin GuitarConnect Cable
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Griffin GuitarConnect Cable: Review en español
Review on the Guitar Connect Cable By Griffin
Review on the Guitar Connect Cable By Griffin
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Unboxing the Guitar Connect Cable By Griffin
Griffin GuitarConnect Cable
Griffin GuitarConnect Cable

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John Lloyd: Can i connect this directly to a mixer for silent band practice?

kaz85: Has he got a guitar amp or is the sound coming from the ipad?

AlanCheek: THANKS for the vid!

Trying to get my long-negleted and minimal talent back after too many years.

Never called myself a "guitarist" - I learn the most basic power/bar-chord forms so I can back up a lead/intro/solo but that's about it.

Rather than spending thou$ands on pedals again, I stumbled over "iShred" and decided to give it a try.

Finally collected all the necessary do-dads and hooked up, and...

MAJOR feedback-ish (but really not feedback) squeal, or a deep growl - both ear-splitting...

I've tried 2 of the "iconnect" cables, 3 different amps, 5 different cables and get one of the 2 above-mentioned results. Doesn't matter if the stomp=box or expression pedal is plugged in.

All cables/amps work fine if I remove ipad/gray "iConnect" cable & just go straight from guitar to amp,

ONLY common-denominator is the 1/8"male to 1/4 female adapter (needed to attach the little out plug to my amp - though what I have is high quality, gold plated, etc. No problem when I use it to listen to 1/4 headphones from my 1/8 iPad/iPod.

ANY hints deeply appreciated!

BATER: is itgonna give me the sound so fast after i hit the string? like normal amp?

Freddy Larrier: Does that work with a Bass guitar?

Andrei Windsor: how name this app?

James McKeown: I am considering buying one of these to use with garage band on my iPad mini. Would this be compatible with garage band?

akshay kalkeri: Another apps have for android mobile please. Sir

Angel Martinez: Hey great stuff, but I have a question how do I connect a cry baby wah pedal to the guitar and then connect both the wah pedal and the guitar to the iPad? Do I need an extra pedal for this such as the istomp stomp box pedal? Thanks...

Anthony Rodriguez: I've got a question what exactly do I need to connect my guitar to my iphone? Which cables do I need? Thanks in advance

slipperysalmon: Great Scale App:

Roberto Amores: could any body help me, when i connect the cable i have a lot of feedback in my sound

Cameron's Games: Can I export recordings to mp3?

Travis Sloas: I just bought this and it doesn't work like it is advertised. All that I get is high pitched noise no matter what I do. If there is a solution then please let me know.

Soltys75: Mine stopped working pretty quickly. Only used it a handful of times.  Perhaps I just got a bad one, but i was expecting more than a handful of uses.

knucklesprayer: Android?

guitarralaraja: Anything similar for galaxy devices? I have galaxy 3. Rgrds

MrJimbotz: I will ask what others have asked but as yet have no answer, or i cannot find one from you. Can this lead be used with any other applications, such as iRig. Thanks

Dante Grana: whats the name of the adapter

ShopWiiBee: It's crazy how people spend a lot of money buying the Ipad, yet the majority are not aware of what the Ipad is acyually capable of doing plus it doesn't come with a manual. Check out my channel for lessons on how to get the most out of you Ipad.
GuitarConnect Cable - Learn to play guitar with amp and pedals apps for iPhone, iPad 5 out of 5

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Steve 0861: Love the stance! Are those 17's or 18's? Also what lowering kit gives that look?
John Lloyd: Can i connect this directly to a mixer for silent band practice?
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GuitarConnect Cable - Learn to play guitar with amp and pedals apps for iPhone, iPad