Acrylic Fall Nail Design

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Acrylic Nails   Peacock Holo Chrome   Autumn Nail Design
Acrylic Nails Peacock Holo Chrome Autumn Nail Design
Acrylic Nails Autumn Fall Nail Design
Acrylic Nails Autumn Fall Nail Design
Acrylic Nails Autumn Fall Inspired Nail Design
Acrylic Nails Autumn Fall Inspired Nail Design
Acrylic Fall Nail Design
Acrylic Fall Nail Design

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jeep girl: Please do a video on how u did that middle nail

mygirlcheech85: I wanted to see the middle finger done!!! Ugh.

Casandra Lynn: I love everything abt this design except for the point of when did it become stylish for your nails to look like they are in need of a major fill lol I would prefer the design to the cuticle but that's just ME πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Monica Barraza: Where did you get your other nail jewelry from can you please post it

Kelecia Matthews: Am learning so much from u

Odyssey Arteaga: I liked your nails but you take so long

Raquel Levin: Your cuticles look painful.

KATiELYNNE: ooooo man I'm loving those colors loveeeeeeee it great job

Joanna Leon: *finger design.

Joanna Leon: why didn't you show the middle? 😒😒😒

taniecia Campbell: crazy i love it

Marissa's Life: I love your videos learning so much I'm just starting what is a good acrylic brand to start with I'm feeling quality brands will be better. what u think

Tasha Machele: After I saw the color combination, I went and bought the madam glam colors and the akzentz gel play. I love your videos!

Blenda Fl0: How did you do the middle finger design?

Christina Leister: Tfs. I just purchased a starter kit for Nail Harmony Prohesion. Hard to find a good working website to order it, but I finally found one. πŸ˜‰

kaz gates: Yet another gorgeous set of nails!! they're beautiful Luciana and Thanks so much for making such informative tutorials for Us. Luvya right back xxx

KIM HAAS: I just love your videos!! Your so talented!!! I enjoyed this vid on how you used the gold and purple balls as nail accents. Good job!!

Monique Smith: These are gorgeous! How did you get that effect on the middle finger?

Jelicia Dennis: One day can you please do a review on how u do the middle nail?

Jelicia Dennis: Hi ,I just want you to know I love your work,but I am so very curious to know if you are using acrylic powder to form the nails?
Acrylic Fall Nail Design 5 out of 5

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Acrylic Fall Nail Design