Acrylic Fall Nail Design

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Acrylic Nails | Peacock Holo Chrome | Autumn Nail Design
Acrylic nails tutorial - Fall design
Acrylic nails tutorial - Fall design
Acrylic Nails Design - Fall
Acrylic Nails Design - Fall
Watch "Me" Work| Fall... Acrylic Nail Design💅🏾

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jeep girl: Please do a video on how u did that middle nail

mygirlcheech85: I wanted to see the middle finger done!!! Ugh.

Casandra Lynn: I love everything abt this design except for the point of when did it become stylish for your nails to look like they are in need of a major fill lol I would prefer the design to the cuticle but that's just ME 😋😋

Monica Barraza: Where did you get your other nail jewelry from can you please post it

Kelecia Matthews: Am learning so much from u

Odyssey Arteaga: I liked your nails but you take so long

Raquel Levin: Your cuticles look painful.

KATiELYNNE: ooooo man I'm loving those colors loveeeeeeee it great job

Joanna Leon: *finger design.

Joanna Leon: why didn't you show the middle? 😢😢😢

taniecia Campbell: crazy i love it

Marissa's Life: I love your videos learning so much I'm just starting what is a good acrylic brand to start with I'm feeling quality brands will be better. what u think

Tasha Machele: After I saw the color combination, I went and bought the madam glam colors and the akzentz gel play. I love your videos!

Belèn Florès: How did you do the middle finger design?

Christina Leister: Tfs. I just purchased a starter kit for Nail Harmony Prohesion. Hard to find a good working website to order it, but I finally found one. 😉

kaz gates: Yet another gorgeous set of nails!! they're beautiful Luciana and Thanks so much for making such informative tutorials for Us. Luvya right back xxx

KIM HAAS: I just love your videos!! Your so talented!!! I enjoyed this vid on how you used the gold and purple balls as nail accents. Good job!!

Monique Smith: These are gorgeous! How did you get that effect on the middle finger?

Jelicia Dennis: One day can you please do a review on how u do the middle nail?

Jelicia Dennis: Hi ,I just want you to know I love your work,but I am so very curious to know if you are using acrylic powder to form the nails?
Acrylic Fall Nail Design 5 out of 5

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Pramote Petsook: จอไม่สู้แสงคับ แบ็ตอยู่ได้ 8ชั่วโมง
jeep girl: Please do a video on how u did that middle nail
MineDrey_14: Nuevos vídeos pronto :) espero contar con su apoyo de nuevo!!!! :))
rajeev sharma: thank you sir
WildlifeSupply: McMaster-Carr carries tap extractors, if anyone's looking.
Em3ricZe: WIFI AC version ?
RandomGames Aedan: Loving that walk animation

Acrylic Fall Nail Design