Part 1: Replacing Control Arms In A BMW 3 Series Or MINI - BavAuto DIY

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Damian DeLapp: I always leave the rear bushing in place till I get all the other stuff lose

kiemyster420: why the F*** can't i rewind or fast forward this F***ing video?! WTFFF I have never come across this on youtube, is it just me?

LudiSrbin: same as on E30

Chris Atkinson: A ball joint fork works wonders on these lol

cash money: So if your just doing the lollipop bracket bushing theirs no need to take the wheels off correct

Filippa Gj: I think its very misleading to state that this applies to Mini as well. Yes, the principle is the same but everything is a lot more complex and less accessible with the compactness of the Mini front end, transverse engine, front wheel drive and all.

Sebastian Pfennig: An enormous bench vice with expension pipe is also fine to press the rubber bearing out.

indio flechudo: This are the best BMW repair videos you can find.

Josh Denham: You make it look pretty easy. Im in the middle of doing mine for the first time. I do not have a press. but I do have a bottle jack and a dump truck bumper! Compared to some other bushings I have done, they went pretty easy. The main issue is when the mount is very worn, and spins in the socket when trying to remove........Theres an allen slot in the top but no clearance to fit it in!

2tone 2real: This job was pretty easy, the hardest part for me was pressing on the new bushings as I did not have the tool in this video but with some improvisation and cussing I got it done.

Adrian Lopez: what does check control ?! mean

Randy Ethirtysix: I was able to access the upper ball joint bolt through the front instead of the back and it was fairly easy(passenger side). I even used a crescent wrench.

Nesto P.: Hey buddy, i know this is an old video, i hope you can reply. i love gow detailed tbis tutorial is. clear and straight to the point.
I have a 2001 e46 coupe, it recently started to slightly shake, i feel it on the steering wheel. it is weird because it does not vibrate right away, it starts vibrating maybe about 5 to 10 mins into my commute. it also has a pull and push feel to it as i come to a stop, i checked my rotors and the rear ones are pretty bad, could this be the issue? i also feel clunk noises from the driver side, maybe related to bushings?
pleae get back at me.

Paolo Despe: thank you very much for the video
One question How is possible to access to unscrew the left arm central bolt?
I tried to reach the NUT under the engine with no result . thank you

Niko G: is it the same on an e90 2006 325xi?

Hyungon Kim: Is it possible to do this job without removing the tyre?

Joel Wright: so rad man

nicholas elias: would a ratcheting wrench save some time on that innner ball joint???

Matt B.: My 2000 323i was in an accident and the drivers side control arm was bent. When I try to turn the nut that's connecting the ball joint to the frame (not the wheel assembly) the whole ball joint turns with it, and no progress is made. Do you have any suggestions on how to get it off?

Arsenio Armenian: hi there, I have 1999 BMW 323i with automatic transmission back in 2006 my automatic transmission fluid has been replaced with BG Synthetic ATF. part number: 3124. and today Im planning to replace my fluid again. my question is: can I use Castrol ATF. part number: 06814 ?? 
Part 1: Replacing Control Arms in a BMW 3 Series or MINI - BavAuto DIY 5 out of 5

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Part 1: Replacing Control Arms in a BMW 3 Series or MINI - BavAuto DIY