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Кирилл Емельянов: Что за музыка играет,не подскажите?
Jaylon allen: give it to me
SSJraditz Black: Everything was so optimistic, colorful and bright in the 90s. I miss that.
Rage By Nightfall: Nice man. I like the music in the background while the car wash was going on. And you're by the Walmart! haha
Sue Townsend: Lovely cards. Thank you once again for sharing your techniques. Love your videos!
Hidden Gems Reviews: Yeah, and before Linkara there was another fan made comic strip series that came out called Burning the Fourth Wall. It's just a name, and the name is because I don't only go to the would of Kingdom Hearts, but alot of other games.
Zak Valkyrie: dude do you even know what an m4 looks like?

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