Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Review
Mass Effect: Andromeda Review
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FrOSt: Just got it for $10 new lol

Jesse Turner: I was so excited for this game and it was so........boring

Gabriel Navarrete Reategui: Do you need to know mass effect trilogy story to understand Andromeda ?

Dean Boudreau: I dont suppose this is worth the 17$ pricetag now is it?

Koko ohno: Honestly thought this was a spin off more than a sequel

jayripp84: I don't care what anyone says this game is awesome a 8.9 atleast...Y'all just expected it to be like the past mass effect games.

Jay West: One of the worst games I've ever played in my life.

Mustafa Sharif: Its 13.5 dollars psn. Is it worth the price ?

Juiceair77: Picked this up for $15 new, glad I waited.

Unboxing Deutschland: Hey you have a cool YT-account! If you want I can help you reachin some more people. Just text me :)

Brandon Weiss: I don't get the hate, I'm loving the game!!!

Ben Watzke: mass effect Andromeda? more like massive crap and trauma

UCHIHA KAKASHI: i'm inlove with the plasma cutter...... wait... wrong game

jayripp84: I love the game for what it is im not picky, just play it high its a whole lot better 😁

Lucky Strike: To add to that... the visuals are absolutely stunning and sometimes you really have the feeling you are on some far exotic planet. All of a sudden an alien structure comes out of the water to reveal a hidden bunker...some spacey bridge appears...
And that's only the stuff!

Lucky Strike: Wonder if people in this review comment section have even played the game... it's actually quite good! Sure not perfect and it's quite different but great nonetheless. It's a bit more light-hearted which to me is fresh breeze through the franchise. The overly dramatic first 3 games could be a bit on the heavy side.. and it's focussed a bit more on exploring. Some may like that...some won't. But after all you are the Pathfinder to look for new planets that are potentially that's fair....

The part where you have to look for resources while scanning planets is really spacey and much better than before. Zoom in and out of planets and travel through the galaxy in a bird's eye view. Really enjoyed it. Makes you realise how indescribable big the universe is. I think that's a real step up from the first 3 games.

Overall the game is certainly not as bad as people want you to believe. And most of all certainly not the end of a good franchise. Mostly people that complain just don't like changes...

Give it a try.... and this comes from a guy that really loved the original 3. I think it's a welcome addition to the ME franchise. Different isn't always bad...just have to get used to it a bit.

Steven Jacks: Problems with this review. You say the voice acting is so strong you forget about the bad facial anims? The voice acting in Andromeda is the WEAKEST of all Mass Effect games.
Also you start with it's a disappointment yet you rate it 7.7 out of 10 on your website!! It's a 5 at most.

Kelin Naidoo: Bioware, stop becoming the new Ubisoft! (Just some of ubisoft games are bad) (Just to me this is a non-canon game to ME3)

Skoshtwo: 7.7 roflmfreakingfmfao

erhe etrherh: Mass Effect main focus was always on the story & characters they had their focus too much on the exploration
Mass Effect: Andromeda Review 5 out of 5

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Review