Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

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samisuz: Is the reviewer a robot???

D M: 0:54
What's the track?

younis alyounis: i was downloading the game and stopped it once i saw that ginger character as hero.... where dafaq is shepard ?

LeapingDogFilms: That was such a weak review.

0neofthem: Only $4 on the Origin store and it still doesn't seem worth it...

Nikki Zuko: Just finished the game and had an absolute blast with the new combat style. I like not having to worry about my team mates and I enjoyed the familiarity of the races encountered in ME 1-3. My only regret is romancing Suvi instead of PeeBee! Take the time to make a hot looking Ryder and things will be fun and sexy 😘

40ozREAPER: This game cannot even come close to the first three games but it was still worth a playthrough

Miyuru Eranda: I bought this today for 9$ on ebay <3

hary H: This is a classic system seller!

Once you play this garbage, you would want to sell your console system stuck at the glyph with the console staying hidden,only to realise its a bug.

Wesly Pipes: Worst game ever. Should have learned my lesson on the first one. Waste of my cash on a used game.

Dee Ess: Being the Milky Way best and brightest, they coulda had better vocabulary, speech and dialogue, which should have all rolled in one to enhance the dynamic of the game.. for them leaving the Milky Way, they sound like an average human speaking, where's the advanced-ness?

lengvij speeker: well i would give this game 10/10 due to the tenticles that come out of the console while playing to pleasure you.. its out of this world

Achyut Uppu: I personally loved the game just finished my second playthrough.

Pongdani Tipha: Mass effect Anderson 2 , ps4

Jordan Fire Star: Nice character you made

(that was sarcasm)

Domino Master: I like the game

Mike Kiviranta: I still had fun playing due to the combat. Complimenting the skills you achieve definitely lead to specific and individual styles of play in regards to combat

Denise Higson: I enjoyed this game even though it did suffer some glitches

Complexity: Worst main character ever

Marcus Y: Ign is garbage always giving more credit than is due just in case of sponsorship
Mass Effect: Andromeda Review 5 out of 5

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Review