Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

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Dinesh Suthar: cartoon like graphics

Tabish Ali: I hadn't played the previous mass effect games, but to me the game was amazing.

Larry Williams: Please Sign my Petition to have Mass Effect Andromeda brought back to be patched and made into an XBOX One X Enhanced game!

mike smith: I knew it a major disappointment.

Catipult Good: 1:30 lol his voice what happened “isisis”

Orlando Cabrera: Yup not everyone likes it but I love the freaking game. It’s was BEAUTIFUL.

Jerzy Kajmowicz: Personally I freakin love this game. If this game didn't have the Mass Effect name on it, this game would be viewed entirely different. Yes there are some poor aspects in this game, however the overall enjoyment is through the roof.

Lyrick: I’m commander shepherd and this is my favorite review on the citadel

Insane Comedion:

DarkSpawn: I'm finally giving this a play it doesn't look that bad

Dirty Dan: Mass Effect Andromeda
Team of hundreds funded by EA
Result: Complete Garbage full of awful facial animation, ridiculously bad writing, removal of crital mass effect features(squad power selection), a boring, unoriginal villain, unlikable squad members, Peebees obnoxious teenager personality, only two new species one of whom are the underwhelming clone army aka the Kett and a simply boring storyline.
In the same Year
Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice
Team of 20 with a limited budget
Result: A great game with a deep, immersive storyline, decent combat, great writing, an accurate depiction of schizophrenia, enemies that have tons of variety and lastly a very likeable, sympathetic protagonist that is easy to care about.


Ionut Manuel: Andromeda failed because EA doesn't listen to the community!! WE SAID WE WANT SHEPARD and EA killed him along with the other characters ...

The Indulgent Gamer: I farted during this vid.

C1NNAMON: too much space 7.7 - ign

Bob: This game blows

Samuel Wiltse: EA and Bioware should really just sell the IP to someone who will give it the care and attention it deserves.

Luke Obie1: I played all 3 mass effect games and this one isn't bad at all.

Kristofer Harmon: A great game, with some flaws. Unfortunately,the Mass Effect community cried like children about not liking the candy they were given.Thanks to them we will probably never see another Mass Effect game.The EA machine will roll on, and make craptier games.#EA 2019 no thanks

Dilf Hunter: this game is on sale for £5 on the ps4 store rn, def picking it up for that price

Julian: I just want to say I jumped on the bandwagon of hating on this game after it was first released. Some of the animations and dialogue were laughable. But now having played it I have totally done a 180. I went into the game with the view I would dislike it and eventually stop playing, but I must say I have been pleasantly surprised. I'm really enjoying it. Yes it can be cheesy sometimes but so was Mass Effect 3. It is an awesome game! I think I would even go as far to say I am feel more immersed in the Mass Effect world playing in this chapter than any of the other prior games. If you haven't checked it out yet, do yourself a favour and get stuck in.
Mass Effect: Andromeda Review 5 out of 5

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Review