Dell T3400 Workstation Review

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Dinky Myers: I am not computer savvy. Could anyone tell me what monitor would be compatible with my Dell Precision T3400 workstation. I currently have the E2014hc monitor. Do I have to use this model only.

Ridwan Aziz: this is old but i got a dell t3400 and i am only looking to plug one monitor in and dont see anything

Todd Gilmore: I installed a Dell XF-I 7.1 channel audio card upgrade fully compatible with this Dell T3400 unit, and it either lock on boot up, or if it does decide to boot it detects the card hardware but will refuses to install any drivers... Running windows 7 32 bit Ultimate and no success getting this card to work!! any help please. My specs are dual core cpu and upgraded from no onboard GPU to ATI Radeon 4870

FreeCompConsultant: All depends on what video card you have. You may or may not need an adapter but many video cards and some monitors will come with adapters.

AaronO220: but is there a specific port on it or can any monitor go on it

FreeCompConsultant: Sure, why not?

AaronO220: can you hook up a flat screen moitor to it

whiskeyify: thanks for the tip.

FreeCompConsultant: Antec 80+ that came in Antec cases are what I have been replacing left and right recently. A good name in the past, you may want to google for recent issues.

whiskeyify: I most always use ANTEC power supplies, they are sold by best buy, circuit city etc.

FreeCompConsultant: The bad news is I have had more expensive power supplies by respected manufacturers burn up in 5 minutes of installation. Happened this week.

whiskeyify: These OEM machines are ok I guess, but I've noticed some parts are made in china. The really cheap part in many machines is the power supply.
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Dell T3400 Workstation Review