Makeup MISTAKES To AVOID! +13 Tips For A Flawless Face

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Makeup Mistakes To Avoid   Tips + Tricks
Makeup Mistakes To Avoid Tips + Tricks
Top 5 Makeup Mistakes I've Made
Top 5 Makeup Mistakes I've Made
Makeup MISTAKES to AVOID! +13 Tips for a Flawless Face
Makeup MISTAKES to AVOID! +13 Tips for a Flawless Face

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elizabethqbi: Without makeup you are beautiful, precious, absolutamente preciosa.

taura ivanauskaite: My name is taura and I fan of carli Bybel

Livv: first of all you can get a better foundation brush

Zay Make Up: Nice sharing, like it. swing on my channel if you have a chance

truth seeker: i know this has 0 to do with make-up but i need to tell you and many other's : DO NOT TAKE ANY RFID CHIP IN OR ON YOU!! READ REV 13 IT IS THE ' MARK' FIND SOME VIDS THAT EXPLAIN FURTHER! GBU💜

Abby Trevejo: You look good with makeup and without makeup❤️

K. Carolina: You should take a look at the brush. I am using it for the make-up routine
d makeup-brush addict soft and it make my make-up daily addict fun. Ǐ become a make-up addict due of it. LOL

nany gamer4: love your videos.

Chogiwhy Chogiwhen: She looks so different now

missmilitia9279: Hahaha!!! I completely enjoyed this!!!! I used to have REALLY thick brows during the late eighties/early nineties and being a teen in the nineties, we all plucked & some over plucked their brows!!! Your brows are fabulous btw!!! They remind me of mine at one point. if we didn't have a Benefit Brow Bar nearby and having a few friends as incredible MUA's, a girl could definitely end-up looking like the left side of your face...I've seen it and always have wanted to run over and ask if I could just show them something really quick :) well, Happy Holiday's!!!!!

sylvia johnson: That's a good video really helped me big time 👍❤️

tony johnson: You should try an airbrush

Adel Tata: does anyone have any idea what camera she used at the time pleaseeeeee lol

Farrahrized: This is the first video i have seen of hers

tsun doku: you can always mix foundation colors

Raerae ramkissoon: love this

beautifulwhitecat: Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, not yourself. The Lord will get you through anything in your life.

ıllıllı Ani Maker ıllıllı: Omg. Did anyone else realize that in this video she still looks like a hot mess? What a discovery

Miryam Hlb: crazy

i love kim lip: Omg she matched the foundation to her hand
Makeup MISTAKES to AVOID! +13 Tips for a Flawless Face 5 out of 5

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Makeup MISTAKES to AVOID! +13 Tips for a Flawless Face