5 Min Flawless Foundation

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5 Min Flawless Foundation
5 Min Flawless Foundation
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QUICK NATURAL SUMMER MAKEUP 5 Minutes to Flawless - Tati (GlamLifeGuru)
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Joyce Ann Gaña: Ms. Tina I just wanted to ask, what shade of concealer should be use is it lighter or darker thanks. Because when I bought a concealer the sales lady told me it should be 2 tones darker and in what I am seeing on your videos it is lighter or same shade as the foundation used. Sorry I’m just new to make up. Thanks

prachi mittal: Hi Tina, I've been following you since a long time now. Your videos are awesome. Also, you have a beautiful smile.
Keep smiling ♥️

Kokoio Du: You’re face:/? Is different

Ruby Bodle: When you said that u only had a bit of eye makeup on, I was so shocked!! You're natural skin is beautiful!

Kajal Sharma: which foundation is better for pimple skin??

Jani Pegu: u don't need any foundation your skin is naturally gorgeous

Uzma Z by by we wqtyuvg ahra: you so cute 😍😘

alex simon: Tina I don't know why you wear make up your already gorgeous and you don't even have dark circles #gorgeous

chrisandra molina: hi tina!:) r u still using the same brand for your foundation? really looks flawless though u really have a good skin. bec i would love to give it a try :)

Katelyn O'Keeffe: You don't even need foundation

dhriti shree: how do u get this glowing face I think by birth 😘😘😘😘😘

Qotrun Nadandi: If i had skin like yours i wouldnt use any foundation lol

shinyu lai: OMG what happened to your jaw

Jane Pan: Hi Tina I really love your makeup in this video, TUTORIAL PLSSSSSS ? <3

Viralee Desai: u shud somehow make sure ur camera is in focus

Jojo T: Can you share the link to purchase the RMC foundation?

HEY ItsCres Rosana: please indicate your product use

Uday Saharia: without foundation also u look sooooo beautiful

Poornima BK: one small question.....?
u r using sooo many different products, it didn't effect to ur skin🤔.....?

Poornima BK: Hi Tina..I love ur videos.
5 Min Flawless Foundation 5 out of 5

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MadamMorgan: @iamabeautyjunkee
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Danil Bravo: Автор рукожопый мудила
greymi reyes: Wat ecu where u using?
Emma劉 Liu: 為什麼我用會浮粉呢
Shibward: Japan has like 2 alphabets
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fambrey: buen video johny

5 Min Flawless Foundation