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Manrique Saenz: Que tal amigo, tengo un deco muy similar al tuyo y al parecer se trabo, me podras ayudar? lo que pasa es que lo prendo y solo enciende la luz roja y azul como el tuyo, pero no salen los numeros en el display y no hay señal a la pantaya
Mark Kingner TV: ขอบคุณมากนะคราบพอดีผมจะเล่นเกมบีทเเต่ไม่รู้สมัคยังไงขอบคุณมากครับผมติดตามพี่เเล้วนะ^^เป็นกำลังใจให้นะครับ
Ne nein: pencil hahahahaha
Kick Ass: I saw one of these by the road and if I knew what it was I would have picked it up....went back and it was gone lol
slidenerd: Kindly read the community tab people, the channel is shutting down and we are moving to something new
Katharine Griffin: This doesn't even look like you! Never saw you with dark hair. Please do more make up videos!!!
714xelexbe: how boutreflected in water?

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