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Alfa 147 GTA car review - BBC
Alfa 147 GTA car review - BBC
My car: Alfa Romeo 147 3.2 V6 GTA
My car: Alfa Romeo 147 3.2 V6 GTA
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272 HP Alfa Romeo 147 JTD by JTD Performance Review [4K] GTA Killer (English Subtitles)
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Eric George: I'd have one in a heartbeat.

Farina Marcina: sterile german or mad italian with looks to die for...
Brits have no taste so they are excluded.

Carmine D'Acierno: Alfa Romeo e Alfa Romeo

Gerry Freeman: i have a 147gta best car i have ever owned ... a street devil ' everyone loves this car, and i will not sell it

green grass: And here we have another lie about Alfas being unreliable. He complains about wheel wobble after he has wrecked the tyres burning it around the track like that - I mean come on!!!!!
Any more lies?
There's always plenty when people talk about Alfa.

99Lezard99: I think Top Gear plays a HUGE role in all the "soul" and "emotion" myth on alfas. Problem is you cant argue about this. From my experiance, i can just say those cars are looking very good and the ones i have driven proved to be quite quick for thier hp but i really like driving. The car has to feel sporty responsive and nimble. And if its also reliable im usualy in. And that doesnt go on a lot of alfas. The feel for a car develops for me when i drive it. When i shift, when i clutch, when i steer and the car gives me feedback. And i have never driven an alfa witch could do that as well as for example the integra Type R from my mate or my own mx5 na. I mean yes you have to make compromises on the interior design and depending on taste also on the exterior but you have a car that gets you everytime when you are behind the steering wheel. As a bonus they are reliable and hold value.

Aviv Kestin: 0:08 Kid behind Clarkson: I WILL KILL YOU

Nicola Pellacani: He was wrong about the depreciation, it's been over 10 years and It still costs 12000 euros, if you want a good one. At least.

Fernando Fragoso: Put a Quaife LSD on that 147 and youll have a completely different animal. What a shame that Alfa died on the beach with the 147 GTA. The LSD on that car makes a tremendous difference. As well on the 156 GTA. The LSD part is 900€. Well worth it.

InlineSix: The wheel wobble isn't strange when you've been ruining the tyres on track all day long....

Edi Ajanovic: I just drove one yesterday for 9 hours on a trip and I can say it's a true drivers car.

herrgolf: God so glad Clarkson is gone.

xKlaulin: Alfa Romeo is best Marc forever

Tyler Selman: i am going to buy one soon

Will Taylor: You are never nuts for buying an Alfa, you are falling in love with a piece of art with a beautiful exhaust note. You can keep your bmw's and audi' s. I'll take an Alfa any day

Nihil Baxter: music sucks!

Viilutaja: Too bad that TG didn't review the 156 GTA.

Alfa Infezione: Nothing will ever be able to replace the Busso. I don't care how much power engines of the future will make or how economical they will be, nothing beats a masterpiece

leonardimas1: now comes the GIULIA 510 HP, 0-60miles in 3.9sec high speed 314 Km/h.

You Thana: I have one too for about three years now. It broke down twice and eats money for breakfast but i still love it so much. Intresting point, my gf sees it also this way, she also likes the 147 very much.
Alfa 147 GTA Car Review | Top Gear 5 out of 5

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