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Alfa 147 GTA Car Review   Top Gear
Alfa 147 GTA Car Review Top Gear
Alfa 147 GTA: The Greatest FWD Car I've Ever Driven
Alfa 147 GTA: The Greatest FWD Car I've Ever Driven
My car: Alfa Romeo 147 3.2 V6 GTA
My car: Alfa Romeo 147 3.2 V6 GTA
Awesome Alfa Romeo 147 GTA V6
Awesome Alfa Romeo 147 GTA V6
Richard Hammond Reviews The Alfa Romeo 147 (2000)
Richard Hammond Reviews The Alfa Romeo 147 (2000)

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SCOTT MCGREGOR: Well JC said it " We know nothing". If you bought an Alfa over a Golf R32 you truly need your head examined.

Shane Fell: What’s with the audio!? I can hardly hear Clarkson’s voice over

netweed09: lol, all these ppl sopping over an ugly rustbucket; looks like a mymph on the outside and wannabe 6 year old ferrari- etch a sketch inside =D

netweed09: Lol, loved the sound; hahahaa

I love how the annoying TG fanboys absolutely loathe it too; well that how annoying cluckson can be folks so bit of own medicine xDD

Mapko 41: ❤ Alfa Romeo ❤

Edoardo Migliavacca: CANT HEAR JEREMY

Fouad Djanati: 💪

Eric George: I'd have one in a heartbeat.

Farina Marcina: sterile german or mad italian with looks to die for...
Brits have no taste so they are excluded.

Carmine D'Acierno: Alfa Romeo e Alfa Romeo

Gerry Freeman: i have a 147gta best car i have ever owned ... a street devil ' everyone loves this car, and i will not sell it

green grass: And here we have another lie about Alfas being unreliable. He complains about wheel wobble after he has wrecked the tyres burning it around the track like that.

99Lezard99: I think Top Gear plays a HUGE role in all the "soul" and "emotion" myth on alfas. Problem is you cant argue about this. From my experiance, i can just say those cars are looking very good and the ones i have driven proved to be quite quick for thier hp but i really like driving. The car has to feel sporty responsive and nimble. And if its also reliable im usualy in. And that doesnt go on a lot of alfas. The feel for a car develops for me when i drive it. When i shift, when i clutch, when i steer and the car gives me feedback. And i have never driven an alfa witch could do that as well as for example the integra Type R from my mate or my own mx5 na. I mean yes you have to make compromises on the interior design and depending on taste also on the exterior but you have a car that gets you everytime when you are behind the steering wheel. As a bonus they are reliable and hold value.

Aviv Kestin: 0:08 Kid behind Clarkson: I WILL KILL YOU

Nicola Pellacani: He was wrong about the depreciation, it's been over 10 years and It still costs 12000 euros, if you want a good one. At least.

Fernando Fragoso: Put a Quaife LSD on that 147 and youll have a completely different animal. What a shame that Alfa died on the beach with the 147 GTA. The LSD on that car makes a tremendous difference. As well on the 156 GTA. The LSD part is 900€. Well worth it.

InlineSix: The wheel wobble isn't strange when you've been ruining the tyres on track all day long....

Edi Ajanovic: I just drove one yesterday for 9 hours on a trip and I can say it's a true drivers car.

herrgolf: God so glad Clarkson is gone.

xKlaulin: Alfa Romeo is best Marc forever
Alfa 147 GTA Car Review | Top Gear 5 out of 5

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