Neo Online Gameplay - First Look HD

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Neo Online Gameplay - First Look HD
Neo Online Gameplay - First Look HD
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Allacra: I miss this game! It had so much potential!! :(

Shin Gamix: Been trting to contact PLAYOMG and Sonov. No answer.

Shin Gamix: Dear PlayOMG and Sonov. I want to buy this game and restart it.

Shin Gamix: ANy old private servers running anywhere? Also looking for a guide and or images and maps to remake or make a fanbased version.

Eric Roels: i think MEN stands for MENTAL

Tristan Velasco: yeah EE WAS a great game in the start but the longer you play it the much more boring it gets..

kinoshkiwa: Not my type of game but it is sad when games just shut doesn't look so bad to me, just not my type.

Arvidas PRAISETHESUN: That game looked goob, but sadly closed

Denise Lugardo: Wait it freaking shut down aw crap that bull crap!!!!!! D:

Mustafa Raiedn: Is there any privet server for the game?

Leithal Theos: i think one of the main reasons they shut down was to avoid a lawsuit or something, because of the similarities between this and WoW, i liked this more than WoW anyway

DABES CHINKAROUND: Why are the top comments both the same comment and person..

Federico Garcia: As you can see im being welcome by *whispers* hot chick over here.... xD

Shisonbr: @Adeptusrosse LOOOL undoubtedly

Jaeger: miss this game. got to level 65 on the playomg hosted client and i loved the community, like Aaren said you knew everybody

carlos cazarez: @Miwa493 try ragnarok online is now free and its awesome

Roberto Sabado: This was the time before Omer discovered energy drinks

joopinto: Why do you want to kill dogs, rabbits and wolfs :( How sad :///

barkingcrayons: NOOO its shut down!

renz ongchua: this was the best game at least give us an offline mode
Neo Online Gameplay - First Look HD 5 out of 5

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Issei 1313: El video empieza en el 00:17
spafro101: Would this be uncomfortable for someone that's 6'2?
battousaiblade: 8:17 thats a huge bear!
i want to hug it!!!

Vaughn Soto: Hi, amazing work! And what music did you use? I love it!
Ginger Teddy: Thank you for the recipe
Steve Kolbus: Thank You!!
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Neo Online Gameplay - First Look HD