Neo Online Gameplay - First Look HD

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Allacra: I miss this game! It had so much potential!! :(

Shin Gamix: Been trting to contact PLAYOMG and Sonov. No answer.

Shin Gamix: Dear PlayOMG and Sonov. I want to buy this game and restart it.

Shin Gamix: ANy old private servers running anywhere? Also looking for a guide and or images and maps to remake or make a fanbased version.

Eric Roels: i think MEN stands for MENTAL

Tristan Velasco: yeah EE WAS a great game in the start but the longer you play it the much more boring it gets..

kinoshkiwa: Not my type of game but it is sad when games just shut doesn't look so bad to me, just not my type.

Arvidas PRAISETHESUN: That game looked goob, but sadly closed

Denise Lugardo: Wait it freaking shut down aw crap that bull crap!!!!!! D:

Mustafa Raiedn: Is there any privet server for the game?

Leithal Theos: i think one of the main reasons they shut down was to avoid a lawsuit or something, because of the similarities between this and WoW, i liked this more than WoW anyway

DABES CHINKAROUND: Why are the top comments both the same comment and person..

Federico Garcia: As you can see im being welcome by *whispers* hot chick over here.... xD

Shisonbr: @Adeptusrosse LOOOL undoubtedly

Jaeger: miss this game. got to level 65 on the playomg hosted client and i loved the community, like Aaren said you knew everybody

carlos cazarez: @Miwa493 try ragnarok online is now free and its awesome

Roberto Sabado: This was the time before Omer discovered energy drinks

joopinto: Why do you want to kill dogs, rabbits and wolfs :( How sad :///

barkingcrayons: NOOO its shut down!

renz ongchua: this was the best game at least give us an offline mode
Neo Online Gameplay - First Look HD 5 out of 5

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RealLifeOORA: Thanks foir actually showing how the camera looks! from all of the advertisement videos and pictures, the grips on it looked like leather!
Jasper Wes: Please help, I have this game and I see all gods walk with their own minions, but how to get these personal minions? please explain in detail!
Everett Durst: I just bought one pair a few weeks ago, then got stuck playing in the dunes. I was way deeper than this video, and my jeep walked right up out of the hole. I went back where I bought the first set and bought another. You probably don't need more than two, but I've been stuck on some pretty steep sand trails where going back could pin you on the uphill side of a tree.
PepsiBoy428 Productions: No longer free
IWroteThis: You think this stuff is healthyPrepper?
Idollartree at it's finest...

The7Treefrog: r u sure i really want to try it. can you show me webpage proof or video proof. sorry to be such a brat i just dont want to break my machine.
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Neo Online Gameplay - First Look HD