Aquachigger: What Metal Detectors Does He Use? My Top Choices.

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Aquachigger: What Metal Detectors Does He Use? My Top Choices.
Aquachigger: What Metal Detectors Does He Use? My Top Choices.
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Aquachigger: I will be updating this video soon with a slightly different list of metal detectors that I currently use. Some have fallen by the wayside and some have been added.

Please use this affiliate link to my good friends here ( ) to purchase your metal detector or other adventure gear. BEST PRICE GUARANTEE!!! Your purchase helps support my channel. If you call or go direct, I do not get credit. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and wish you the best of luck… The ‘Chiggster

Jamie Irving: Great video...but as a scuba diver, can you give me some insight to the Garrett Sea Hunter MK II? I'll be diving below 75ft at times...the GSH MK II is rated to 200ft, so...?

daryl trail: I want to get into detecting and was wondering what was the best for a somewhat new person, I was looking at the garrett ACE 200/250/300 or the fisher f22?

Jesus Rosas ruiz: can you explain why not the atx in mexico and have found silver coins with a pendulum and now want a Garrett but do not now which one... found the coins by a Wall in a old acienda about 2 feet Deep...

hil1bill1: Which one of these machines are best in salt water. Great video.

Josef Venport: Have you ever tried out or tested one of those German made long distance electronic dowsing rods that have all the comments disabled on their info videos(red flag)??

Pneu Michelin: deus water proof but is not working thats the french technology.....the futur

Dan F: I regularly watch your videos, Beau (and yes, I'm a subscriber) and have been wondering what ever happened to your use of the XP Deus. I saw you using it for a while, but these days you seem to be exclusively using Garretts. What's up with that?

m sg: I just bought a Makro CF77 it looks good in tests but do you think it would be any good for nuggets ? It seemed to compare well on tests with the T2 but can't find anyone that had used it for gold. I'm completely new to detecting so please excuse my ignorance

m sg: Would you know anything about the Treasure Hunter Sand shark .. I am looking at it for detecting nuggets from .05grms on wet sand ..or what kind of size nuggets if any would you gues this could detect ..?? Any advice would be much appreciated. My other thought is to use a makro racer on the wet sand

Josef Venport: I say doose!!
I also say omellette.
Ham and Cheese or Western? You choose.

Funky JBell: I have used my CZ as my go to beach machine for awhile now and I love it. I don’t dive but I like that it is quite rugged. I now have an AT Max which seems to go deep but I haven’t tried it on the beach yet. Great videos. I love this channel. Keep up the good work and happy hunting!

Walter Koziorowski: Any chance of a video on how you set up the menu on your T2? Brand new machine for me and alot of different settings. Thanks

OldWines: Beau ~
Like many others, I asked 'what's the best machine' - for Central Coast California - and for light 'coin' and stream work, rather than deep gold or (what?) relics. This video has helped quite a lot, thank you. DAL-K

Jim Rushing: Where can I get my garrett freedom Ace coin commander repaired I live near Charlotte,NC.

lastfanstanding999: use can use AT Gold at the beach if you change out the coil to salt water coil...!

Joe Ninety: I think when I outgrow my starter machine, i'll prob try and grab a deus. Their good reputation is talked about, quite a lot, from what I hear.

Bobbie Dawson: I have a serious amount of titanium in my back. Rods from the s's to the t's on both sides. The exrays look like a long step ladder. How will this work with a metal detector?

Tubemonks: I have an old Fisher 1236 x2 and am wondering if I chuck it for a newer one, or maybe keep it as a spare. I have been told these were good machines but are the newer ones really any better? As you can see I am a novice at this and haven't done much detecting but I do intend to.

king fox: best detector is the v3i of course
Aquachigger: What Metal Detectors Does He Use? My Top Choices. 5 out of 5

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Aquachigger: What Metal Detectors Does He Use? My Top Choices.