Aquachigger: What Metal Detectors Does He Use? My Top Choices.

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Aquachigger: What Metal Detectors Does He Use? My Top Choices.
Aquachigger: What Metal Detectors Does He Use? My Top Choices.
The New Garrett AT Max Metal Detector: An Aquachigger Update
The New Garrett AT Max Metal Detector: An Aquachigger Update
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Aquachigger: I will be updating this video soon with a slightly different list of metal detectors that I currently use. Some have fallen by the wayside and some have been added.

Please use this affiliate link to my good friends here ( ) to purchase your metal detector or other adventure gear. BEST PRICE GUARANTEE!!! Your purchase helps support my channel. If you call or go direct, I do not get credit. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and wish you the best of luck… The ‘Chiggster

Butch Barker: I want in on the giveaway

Butch Barker: I want in on the giveaway


Ultraviolet Gaming: I have a garret ace 250. Is that any good?

Shawn Jammie: Hi buddy! Do you recommend any long range detectors like 40m depth?
Need one and am afraid of scams.

Thomas Tully: So, Bo, when are you going to come to Massachusetts? I have already invited STEALTH DIGGERS, there is a sight here that you would absolutely love, it is right up your alley, A river that had a flood, for which a book was written and a thesis was written which I have personally held in my hand which is 5 inches thick. They should actually make a movie about this , it was that dramatic and that historical. The Book is called " In the shadow of the dam" and it tells the story of how the seemingly small mill river wiped out 5 towns in a matter of 1.5 hours. It killed 116 people and I have researched this for the past 8 years. Believe me when i tell you that this WILL be your ultimate challenge in life, because I know it is mine. At least read the book and let me know.Love the videos! Good Hunting!

ktron6000: I'm looking for a good under water metal detector for fresh water- 20-30 ft depth. suggestions anyone? i have exhausted all of my close by digging sites and want to move on to the murky depths har har.. love your videos brother

Chad Simmons: Why buy new when used is good? you know most people are too fat & lazy to dig up what they detect in shallow spots

Steve Rivinius: He reminds me of bob ross a little

Dave: the best metal detector is the one you have with

Morad Odat: Hi
I'm planning to buy a Garrett ace atx but I don't know which deep it can go down down

Rapunzel: Hello aquachigger . I made a unusual and drastic choice : I never use any vlf anymore ! They all are neither not powerful enough nor sensible enough on small coins targets ... My only choice for inland : Whites TDI SL : Very powerful even on very small stuff and most of all it knocks out iron very well by creating a detection whole on iron thanks to a manual setting . So I can cover a gold coin with nails and still have a clear and crisp response of my coin . No vlf can do that.... Garrett seahunter mark2 when I dive deep: Very powerful monotone pulse induction :rugged all terrain pulse induction power . No need to ground balance this machine . Just turn on and punch deep !
Garrett atx on the beach : Most powerful pulse induction all terrain machine , and fine coarsed settings possible .
I hate the gpx 5000 ! : Not water proofed ! No global search mode !!! You always loose targets and get cheated with complicated settings !! 5000 box for an all hanging around machine !!! Never ! What a mess !! The battery on your belt ! then all the cables hanging around ... I do not know where I could find a single quality to that way of looking at metal detection . Have a nice day .

DEtector CR: XP DEUS Garrett’s DADDY😎.

giedrius zakarauskas: Hi guys. Anyone can recomend mid price 500-1000€ detector that will find thin gold chains and can be diving pal?

PastExpiryDotCom: No Tesoro?

A CDN Taylor made Productions: I have an old metal detector but don't know we're it is but I do plan on buying a new one but I just want to look for gold and coins witch one would be good I do like the Garrett at pro but I don't know well thanks for your time have a great weekend

Brandon Wortman: lol i just sent you whats the best detector question a few hours before i found this video .

David Watson: I use the Deus and the T2, BUT i think it is misleading to sy the Deus is waterproof, the control box and the headphones are definitely not waterproof, I wear my control box on my arm in a mobile phone holder under my jacket sleeve if it is raining, making it water resistant? And the coil can not be used under water without an antennae because the wireless function will not work under water. My first 9" coil broke and let water in just using it on wet grass? It had to go back to France for repairs.

Tamro Kuss: question I live in calgary do I need a international garret 400 i please let me know thank you
Aquachigger: What Metal Detectors Does He Use? My Top Choices. 5 out of 5

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Aquachigger: What Metal Detectors Does He Use? My Top Choices.