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supertaco54: You're crapting me right? @1:58 the animations look great. But what happens in the play?? Look closely and you can see a player pass through AP like a ghost. YEAH animations ARE AMAZING!!! but physics aren't respected.

PoetryInMotion: pittsburg is crap

walnuts and potatos: they have two companies for basketball but not for football

bigddagenius: 09 is better than 10

hjfghj gfhjgfhjgfh: madden 09 is great, 10.. no so much

Alex Schulte: Wow none of you like madden 10 lol. Havent played it but want to.

I'm 6'2: ea made the better sports game this year. nhl 10 rated best sports game ever made in nba they are really tied in nfl what r u comparing madden 10 to? 2k5?

AZI THE MLG PRO: freaking mockery of football

AZI THE MLG PRO: $60 for a unfinished broken game

Thanh Nguyen: 2k better in NFL yes, NBA yes, not MLB. the MLB 2k series has been a BUST in NEXT GEN

vatsacycle: 2k better in MLB NFL NBA exept for soccer

sr3982: 08 09 and 10 are the best

KingTrajan: Adrian Peterson one of da best runnin backs eva


kewlboy567: No it needs to be the speed NCAA 09 was. If you played some NCAA 09 then went to Madden 09 madden was extremely fast and got annoying.

DisNotSeriouS: who cares we might die tomorrow so imma enjoy life everyday and play football games instead of wastin my youth waiting for a nfl2k no matter what this game still as resale value so get a life 2k fanboy

Playaboy5: yea i agree the slowness pisses me off and the commentary....i think they shuld jst bring madden bak 4 commentary

GankstaNip: we knew the commentary would But honestly, how is slowing the game down better? It was already slow to begin with
Madden 10 IGN Review 5 out of 5

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Christian Manz: Why did you use the are QB9? Gsi 75 has also d/a converter?
Peter Christian: OOOOH those results are amazing! Definitely gonna try this out.
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Mauro Lingua: Peccato che per i prezzi non sono assolutamente concorrenziali a parte v40
JesterMclovin: There´s any active stylus that work on this tablet? Maybe the Staedtler Noris Digital?
Thanks for the review. Love your channel.

Keith Bittinger: Hey dude review Michael Bay's The Rock. I like to think of it as Die Hard on an Island.
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Madden 10 IGN Review