How To Set-up Your Humidor

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EliteChingon: would have been nice if you explained why you prefer to not wet all of the inside of the box instead of the pointless details of where to buy a brush or how the sponge has a rough side. nevertheless thank you for taking the time to make the vid

Cigar Instruction with Don Antonio: I do things a bit differently
Let me know what you think
All of it based on or refined on my experience

Daniel Van Dusen: I lost count of the number of "that's what she/he said" moments in that video.

Rick Haggett: I have the same humidor shown here. Two of them actually. Great way to keep a eye on your humidity as you don't have to open it all the time, just take a peek from time to time and you can not only see the humidity, but can spot any problems with your cigars starting up.

Chris Schumacher: Thank you!! This helped me so much with my first humidor :)

Hot Kimchi: Use the boveda 84% RH seasoning pack. No brainer when it comes to seasoning your humidor. Abandon this ancient ritual.

Sananevac Evac: Thanks for advices! If u are looking for cheap humidor I recommend this buyer's guide

mskcmore65: Thank you very much for helping me set up my very first humidor. I got it for Christmas and I just seasoned it today with your help. Again thank you very much.

cameron Hughes: A lot of dish sponges like that are made with some soap already in the sponge. That's why when you rung it out, it foamed up. I'm not sure what the effects of that would be on the cigars.

Andrew JK: just inherited a humidor thanks for uploading brother muchas gracias...i can smoke my cohibas and romeos

Trollol Police: Great video.

FeeZy: What do I do if ur cigar humidor is at 87 because I don't think I did it right

ali ali: It's one time setup

FigGuru29: 3 days?!?!? Way too long for that

Al-Jatib: well done!

Russell NKD: Would you advise wiping down a humidor that you don't trust as being cleanly with alcohol before hand ? Any advice on cleaning?

Darin Vaughan: I've put the way sponge in a microwave 30-60sec.. wringing it out. Putting it in the humidor on a Ziploc. I've used 2 sponges to speed up the humidity process. After seasoning the humidor. I put humidor solution in too.

Beasyjoy: #Unitedtime#Desk Humidifier with night light

Drunk Not I Am: Very nice, I will defiantly be doing this, how often should I repeat the process shown to keep humidity?

Cedarriver Inc: where do you get the special distilled water
How to set-up your humidor 5 out of 5

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How to set-up your humidor