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Adobe Muse - QUICK Overview to Decide if it's FOR YOU!
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sanjit das: Bravo!!!

DualingPaddys: Totally agree with you!

Linnea: I love being able to code, and im still sure that you can do a lot more when you write the html and css yourself. but id love to dig my fingers into adobe muse!

kazu20091000: Can anyone tell which software?

kazu20091000: Which software do you use to capture your PC screen?

orginunknown: Unfortunately since i do this crap (web design) for a living I don't have the luxury of using things like wix or blogger. I think I remember one of the issues with muse -- classitis. it made a css class for EVERYTHING and gave classes cryptic names making it a pain to edit things later. I'm not a code purist. I couldn't care less about code as long as the damn thing works. the problem comes when you need to make changes to sloppy code. its such a pain.

Robert Thompson: It seems like a lot of work to set up. I'll just stick with Yahoo Groups. It's simple and easy to install my StatCounter code on their site. I have a Wix account but it is real headache to set up. I gave up on it. Blogger is the easiest to set up. Wordpress,forget about it.

orginunknown: Why bother. I used it in beta and forget the issue with it but believe it might have been sloppy code and it was unintuitive.

Robert Thompson: Maybe you should do a video on how to use Adobe Muse.

Liam Nash: @skallachic Thanks for the information - Liam

Amber Skalla: your menu widget is only showing the home page because it it the only top level page that you have. you can change this option by clicking on the arrow that appears by the menu and and selecting wither "all pages" or "manual". I would suggest, though, having more top level pages rather than just home.

orginunknown: @towerboy07 your apology isn't accepted.

Liam Nash: @orginunknown Sorry for wasting 4 minutes of your time - Liam

orginunknown: you spent almost 4 minutes describing how to draw and style a box. jeeez dude learn how to review.

Liam Nash: @strongpillow Thanks for your comment, i couldn't agree more with your opinion. These programs are nice to work with because not everyone is interested in coding. Many people hate these programs because of the code and less official way of building a site. Typically i believe these programs are for people who wan't to either learn code, or make websites which only serve for advertising or personal use. You only use these programs to make them kind of sites, not to created a Facebook rival- Liam

strongpillow: I like the idea behind these programs. I mean the net has been around to the public for like 20 years and still browsers and code still fight with each other. I am still shocked actually that instead of simplifying web design they have added more and more languages to the mix. I know the code is not the prettiest but most of the clients that want the site will not be eating off the code. If it is valid code then it should be ok. CSS is always a bitch to validate you can thank IE for that.

Liam Nash: @izvarzone Adobe Muse was created for simple designs, without having to worry about coding. This is not for professional layouts!

izvarzone: @towerboy07 as I was expected it's not usable for professional web design.

Liam Nash: @izvarzone Here is an image i uploaded of the final code postimage (dot) org /image /25daitzus/ (please correct the link, youtube woulda let me send

Liam Nash: Please take into account that this program was designed for people who cannot code, this wasn't designed for perfect coded layouts! but thanks for your feedback! - Liam
Adobe Muse review 5 out of 5

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