Hair Tutorial - Soft Romantic Curls For Valentine's Day

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Tonia Young: Super romantic and pretty!!💗😗

Maya M: I have a 3 quarters of an inch curling iron and I don't use the clamp

Musiclover12: i should do this for the first day of back to school

Tea Sara: you should do more hair tutorials! 

Ashley Wanta: Pretty.! I think I'm jelous. :*

Macy Cardenas: Did these today and i loved them! And i love you guys xoxo

GuangSheng Lu:  
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Yaetsa Renteria: I love your hiar I need that curling Orion and I love u and your sis I look up to y'all !!!

Angelica Butchereit: Lol u hooker;)

Kathleen Musick: What curling wand are you using?

Samira Ahmed: Can you do a video how to curl your hair but with a straightner please I dont have a curling iron and its diffrent to curl your hair with a straightner

Leah Edwards: when you round your hair around the curling wand it looks like a gold ribbon!

Amy Bivona: straight hair tutorial

TheKellyabrockman: Can u each do an everyday hair tutorial. Please! I love Tracys light curls and stephanies straight hair!

TheKellyabrockman: This was put up on my birthday!!

Nicole Cedervall: Stephs Everyday Hair tutorial please! Also, what curling wand are you using?

miasara79: Can I have the same result with a curling magic wand 25mm from NuMe? Thanks

Aira xo: "you hooker" I love your videos

Leigh Anne Thomas: I miss tuts like this. More girls.
Hair Tutorial - Soft Romantic Curls for Valentine's Day 5 out of 5

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Hair Tutorial - Soft Romantic Curls for Valentine's Day