An Idiot Appeal | Comic Relief

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Victoria Parker: Karl: you are the new Solomon.

Rhah Nabunaid: There has to be third world for there to be a first world. It will never change. The west will make sure of that.

Katarina Baird: People in these comments should check out the vlogbrothers videos

Ben Wilson: "Straight on the phone to Lennie Henry again."

ToonFan14 - Football reviews: Karl mirrors the thoughts of every normal working person

harrison Holt: I agree comic relief is a con and a load of bollocks

David Tag: The untold truth is that the money ends up in corrupt hands and there's been evidence showing that if ended up being spent on arms in one case! They should keep the money here and send the hard supplies needed like medicine and vaccines.

Dave Reeves: Spot on Karl

Hamlet telmaH: Richard Curtis & Ricky Gervais both get to sit at home and watch their mates go out and about doing stuff.

Grant H: i freaking hate steve merchant sly sheepy freak

Fixed Face: children in africa could eat his round head

Louis McGivern: 500th comment

Alexander Marshall: " not like some toad looking women ."


Got me so hard

Filip Kevély: Again, Carl as a voice of reason next to two bourgeois liberal celebs. Love Ricky and Steve for their creative output but their worldview is massively skewed.

BlackDildoBoyWithDiabetes LovesHorseCock: What is it with Karl and U-Bends? lol

Jake O'Shea: If Karl ran for president, this country would be saved, he doesn't even realise how much of a genius he is. Straight up, no bullcrap, straight to the point and brutally honest, and entertaining at the same time, unlike the majority of polititions who run the country now. What a top bloke

Jason S: donr think karl realizes how big his following is

MrStonecold69: ask BILLIONAIRES
not people on the dole or struggling with their mortgages

c: never give to a charity.
they are all bullcrap.

luuke luketer: Any or all charities are a con job.........10% goes to the 'intended' cause and 90% 'admin costs"..........Anyone working for these should be ashamed of themselves..........
An Idiot Appeal | Comic Relief 5 out of 5

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An Idiot Appeal | Comic Relief