Mass Effect 3 - Kinect Demonstration

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Raptor: You must look like such a jackass yelling at a virtual alien girl to move to where you want her to.

Gian Londoño: 894 Sonyers don't like this....

Jesse Spika: Jesus Christ. I thought this was a joke. Dear god......

Lee Jae Ha: Do we need microphone for this or simply need kinect

saego360: Kinect is a very good console but it lacks in bog titles that have cod like status and every game seems to follow the same consept as every other game exept steel bettalion heavy armour, but that game doesnt work

Púlsar: I was doing this in Socom 2 at PS2 with a simple mic in 2004... and you could do this with the simple mic u have when u play online, u dont need a useless garbage that costs more than 100$ to do this.

Jalanko13: Horrible for people with Accents.

Seinfeld Font: Liara:lets bang

gallodrums: pppffff la wea mula

Bobby Ranger: I wish he had more urgency in his voice. Indifferent voice: Liara move. Liara: Umm, okay. Indifferent voice: James Carnage James: You okay Shepard? You sound a little sleepy? Urgent voice: LIARA MOVE Liara: Aye, aye Comander Urgent voice: James CARNAGE James: Hell yeah

EIi Ramos: Oh, well you should've complained before it actually came out.

JakO prcek: its not about the kinect...its about devoting copious amounts of resources to invest in a gimmick rather than making the game developers feel a need to market to these brain dead tweens and it freaking craps me

EIi Ramos: Well I mean, the Kinect actually makes it a little cooler, and you don't have to play it with the freaking Kinect if you don't want to.

JakO prcek: no the dislikes aren't ps3 players, they are the people who have played me1 and 2 since 2008 and realize that the freaking tween generation are ruining even video games now...

jeff9826: so boring!!

A guy named Dominic: I have mass effect 3 but I don't know how to use kinect

Billy Fishkins: would be sick if you could control shepard with kinect

titopa44: imagine using voice control in GTA 5, and you could say get the freak out of the car and then the man runs out crying :D


access1992: this is EXECTLY why i think Kinect is awesome. im not the biggest fan of motion capture games and a game like MASS EFFECT isnt supposed to be played like one but the feature of being able to use voice command and stuff like that is awesome. i gotta get me one
Mass Effect 3 - Kinect Demonstration 5 out of 5

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ExxonGaming: It was hilarious when a spirit said "I can hear myself Steve" and "I'm on the moon!"
Westsideguy: Solid review. Thank you. I just bought one and I’m sticking it on my property, and feeling more confident in setting up the timer. Thanks again!
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Mass Effect 3 - Kinect Demonstration