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DarkMaster :v: thanks you now i have numemon :v
Rita Marasco: Awesome and a Quite Knowledgeable Tutorial. Ty. 😀
Joao paulo: Muito esse vídeo nunca tinha visto nada parecido
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Unpopular Views: Just because something weighs your hair down doesn't mean it's not good for your hair, it just means you should use less of that particular product. For something to be bad for your hair it would mean the ingredients in it is bad for your hair. Shea moisture is actually really moisturizing and works great as a sealant. I'm tired of you self proclaimed "gurus" acting like you know all about hair and what's good for hair. Also Shea moisture in a shampoo is not the same as adding raw Shea butter to hair so your point is invalid.
Fleesh: Noob ta classe est pas unlock
Sachant que sergeant c'est de la merde

Grojwu: Who is watching This in 2016 like

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