Makeup 101: Concealer

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SolsticeBeautyByJessica: Yes! Thanks for this video! Really need it. Xo

wittle cwiten: Bio Oil is good for getting rid of scars like you've been having!!! <3 (I've seen it sold at the drugstore) Thanks for the concealer tips Dani!

yiya yiyayo: U should try the Sisley concealer. It provides coverage and it's moisturizing but it's not sticky or settle into lines. It comes with a brush too. It's expensive but u only need a little every time so it lasts a long time

Kacy Deyoe: thankyou so much, btw i find most peoples intros really boring but i didnt skip urs and i didnt mind it at all.

Abigail C.: I'm sorry, I don't know if they asked you this before, but what nail polish are you wearing in this video??

Rene Jose Torres Vazquez: Eres la unica youtuber que tiene mis ojeras!!!

Rene Jose Torres Vazquez: Eres la mejor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tampoco me gusto el peach bisque de bobby brown!

DoeEyedFaun: Dani, I'm loving your vids, Your attitude has been just what I need recently. Do you have any suggestions for those of us nearing 40 who have loose crepey skin going on under our eyes as well as discoloration.

Desiree Lane: Thank you so much for the very helpful tips Unfortunately I have been doing this way wrong I've been using the Maybelline age rewind in Neutralizer shade and after watching this video it makes more sense I need the light shade I have very deep set hollow under eyes I don't want to have to highlight my under eye area everyday which I have been doing wrong Thanks for your helpful video I know I can just use a corrector and a little bit of age rewind under my eye area only without the whole upside-down triangle method Am I wrong about the Neutralizer color for just doing a little under my eye darkness or is that the shade to use just a little under my eyes Also do you know of any good drugstore correctors Sorry for going on n on just really need major help with my massive dark under eyes Thsnks again

Mira Parker: have you tried tarte shape tape?

muriel hatesyou: when i try to conceal my dark circles the concealer slides into lines and i get a zebra effect, it is hot in Florida and i have oily skin, is there anything i can do?

Johanna Segura: lol "punch my mama", I love the way you speak you're so entertaining and fun ­čśŐ

Lea Helmerich: You are the absolute cutest!

Jen F: try make up forever color corrector and concelar it's from Sephora and has hauloronic acid for smooth hydration totally covers dark circles

Ashley Alaniz: So I'm 15 and I barely started using make-up because I think I'm starting to get the Panda Disease lol I really have no idea what I'm doing, like I get products that I see in tutorials and they don't really work the same on me :( but I wanted to see if you would give me your input about what make-up would be appropriate for my age I'm in high school and a sophomore but I see girls younger and older than me who put on allllloooott of make-up and they look like they're going to a club or something and I just wanted something natural to make me look not as pimple filled and panda-ish haha. I'd really appreciate if you could help me bc I've recently started watching your videos and they by far are the best ones that I've seen bc you seem very knowledgeable in this area lol I really hope you can help me :) thank you

Liz Miller: Thank you! Great vid! I love how much info and options you give us. Maybe you can do an updates one of anything has changed?

TheRawBabe: Many good advice! thx

Veronica Pantaleon: Your awesome ! Thanks Danipanda.

msladykaay: I love this, thank you!

SNOWFLAKE: I Absolutely love watching you and all of your videos....I have learned so much from you and you are Beautiful inside and out
Makeup 101: Concealer 5 out of 5

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Makeup 101: Concealer