My FLAWLESS Foundation Routine

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My Flawless Foundation Routine!
My Flawless Foundation Routine!
My FLAWLESS Foundation Routine
My FLAWLESS Foundation Routine
In Depth Foundation Routine   Flawless Full Coverage
In Depth Foundation Routine Flawless Full Coverage
Flawless Foundation ALL DAY! (Not Cakey!)   Stephanie Lange
Flawless Foundation ALL DAY! (Not Cakey!) Stephanie Lange
๐Ÿ”‘ How to Get Flawless Base Makeup   My Foundation Routine ๐Ÿ”‘
๐Ÿ”‘ How to Get Flawless Base Makeup My Foundation Routine ๐Ÿ”‘

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Jen Rose: Love you Lauren! Xxx

Mercedes Mendoza: You're really pretty but that color of foundation is too yellow. It doesn't look like your color.

Esmeralda Dessire: woow her nose looks so different here but I think she is just gorgeous anyway โ˜บ

Julia: I don't understand how this is too much makeup. It's pretty much just foundation, concealer, with contour and blush. Like what..?

Norm LaRosa: This woman is beyond flawless ! I could fall in love just with her hair !

Ava Bakhtiar: is the loreal true match foundation alright for oily skin?

Beata Corazon: Can u tell me if you have a balejaลบ or all the sucker??

elleromakeup16: Barbie:)))

Jennifer Dang: she seems so nice and cool (:

Melissa-Kristine Allingham: You're so adorable and your videos are really useful!

Jess R: is that foundation for oily or for dry skin?

hotr4u: Where did you buy the loreal true match?

indre Jurkonyte: Hi where you buy this lipstick?

Alana Zad: i loveeeeeee the way you do your makeup! idk what it is but most foundations i use always look so chunky on my face and it makes it look so plastic. I mainly use mac or sephora also naked. i was wondering if you can let me know which primer i should use or brushes or tips in order for my face to look more flawless. i normally have dry/normal skin depending on the temperature or weather. im trying to stay away from hydrating foundation otherwise it makes my face look too oily even if i put powder on my face to set it. idk my face just hates me. so i was wondering if u could help me out. thanks!

ale mary: Whats the name of the first brush? I couldn't understand the name lol

ใ‚ขใƒƒใ‚ซใƒผใƒžใƒณใƒŸใ‚ซใ‚ต: are you supposed to use concealor that light?

Princess life: what you use below the eyes I mean in a dark circles. ..

Cristina Toca: You are so beautiful! but that foundation is too yellow...almost green! maybe it's the light from the camera.

Alara: arghhhhhh sooooo BEAUTIFUL
My FLAWLESS Foundation Routine 5 out of 5

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My FLAWLESS Foundation Routine