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all the wars in the world: Why didn't you use this on the Germans
Big Vegan Jeff: lol, clever!
Jibbe Burgers: I miss that this game isnt being played a lot anymore I'm just watching old recordings
mohammed sarker: Why doesn't Angry army play Planetside 2 anymore? ?
Opakola (coolsodapop12): I agree. Out of all the Angry Birds, yellow birds power has always been my favorite. I like the idea of shooting and all, but seriously. The dash has been around forever.
Maryann Moonbeams: thank for this review, I just bought the blush today in pinched! I did sub and like! l love to support lower channels! I also have a channel if you care to view and sub! great job on this, thank you so much! 🎄❤
Benji Boomin: Make for android

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