Hyundai I10 Fuel Consumption Test

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Hyundai I10 fuel consumption test
Hyundai I10 fuel consumption test
Grand i10 mileage test
Grand i10 mileage test
Hyundai grand i10 sport review
Hyundai grand i10 sport review
Steps to test mileage / Fuel economy of your car accurately.
Steps to test mileage / Fuel economy of your car accurately.
Hyundai I10 Sound 0-100 Acceleration Top Speed
Hyundai I10 Sound 0-100 Acceleration Top Speed

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manish Kumar: Chup kar mental URF gandmare

dhanshu vines: osam vidio

Sujay Wadgave: hello sir I'm going to take used car I10 but car running is near 100000km 2012 model can i purchase it or no

Emre Badur: 1.0 1.2

Jenzo Thomas: I have an i10 here in India. But the problem is that they have purposely disabled the mileage display/distance to empty features. Others are present(Trip,engine run time...)Will a software update, if available enable the hidden features? Is the software available? Thanks.

Hakan Kocaman: economical

tomas jokubauskas: I have the same car. Driving every day for work and average is 48 mpg

vinod jadhav: grand is wasted car.i used it since 2yr..very poor mailage..for petrol..its one of the good things is low maintenance

Aseki Bekovy: THIS IS BULLcrap!!! Why do you test the consumption at constant speed in a gear you normally don't drive in? You can go into 5th at 45km/h if you don't want to accelerate!!!

Victor M Gayou: We see that 85Km/h is the righ speed to get more from gas.

Kashif !: oh my goodness your i10 engine makes hell of a noise

dbauernf: I wouldn't trust those numbers.

Anuj Nadig: How do I get the fuel consumption readings on my grand i10 trip meter?

Rodrigo Panozzo: good contribution friend could make a performance test / fuel consumption for the variant with kappa 1.2 engine? Greetings!

thereallifeboy: Thank goodness for the German in the last few seconds!  The car indicates in km/h and in l/100km, but by magic you converted this to mpg??  Senseless...

umaxen01: 130 kph @4000 rpm is pathetic. To get GREAT mileage, you need to be at 50 km per 1000 rpm. 

Peter Growcott: I have a 1.0l Kia Picanto VR7. Over its first 5000 miles it has averaged 56.8 mpg. This figure is calculated from actual fuel added. According to the car's trip computer, the car has averaged 59.8 mpg so it reads about 3 mpg too high.

BillyNoMates1974: good test. thanks for running it

xennex: Thanks, I like your tube project:) if I had already purchased the new i10 and Averring 5.8 I would be disappointed...
Hyundai I10 fuel consumption test 5 out of 5

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Hyundai I10 fuel consumption test