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Cyclops823: For the Indy nose bone trick whenever you have to push up and then L2 and R2 you don't click L2 and R2 at the same time you click up and then L2 and then R2 separately just in a fast enough sequence to where it's recognized. I have the game and always had a lot of trouble with that.
PetroVIC: cachupin!! 
Christopher Dowdy: I cannot get the crouch part of the harness out of the original position to a more comfortable position I would have to cut it out.
Delia Guzman: I had one from Sears Craftsman a while back (late 90s). Looked a lot like what you have. I lost it (long story--divorce) and looked for years for a replacement, and I finally found one at a scrapyard a few weeks ago after being completely stymied online. You're right--there's practically nothing online for these! Now my problem is keyless chucks and drills with no trigger lock. It's always something....
Sanjay Palmer: can you help me, my samsung galaxy s3 is stuck at the samsung s3 logo, i tried to download the tar file but it has been removed how can i get it ?
josy _333: 2018?
jacob andrews: what about the paca craw its like there best bait

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