PAYING FOR MODS? First Impressions

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Soviet Wanderer: Mod authors do great work, and deserve to be paid, but that's mostly because they aren't. Once you start monetising mods, you'll get all the greed and shills money has spawned in the gaming industry.

Example 1: Mod authors withholding updates because they know it can be monetised soon. It has already had a negative impact on the free mods.

Example 2: If any of this stuff had been in the game, it wouldn't have raised the price by as much as authors are currently charging. Its value on its own is very small, but they can get away with charging a few bucks for simple armour or weapon mods. If content is sold in small chunks, the consumer gets ripped off.

Example 3: Cooperation with greedy companies. We've already seen it.

MrCanadian: Do you honestly think I'm going to pay money for mods? How would i even know if I'm going to like it for all i know it could have been made by an ass hole looking to some easy money claiming that the mod fixes bugs of some sort but instead of actually doing that the developer just copied and pasted Alduin's npc data 100 times now the file size is 60MB's so you know it's legit now pay me!

Anon Mason: I'm going to release a game. I'll put nothing in it. It won't even start.
That will be the job of the modders. Make what you will and pay me money for it.
Because modders work for free. Thankfully they will defend their right to work for free.
I will call my company Bethes-duh. And I will laugh all the way to the bank.

Harris Pj: People freaked out about this, but they would gladly pay 10$ for some crapty cs:go knife recolor made by some 10 year old.

L0fe: wait u use kroners all hail Norway or Sweeden or Danmark

Max Fuller: I think that if modders were paid for modding then modders would have more of a motivation to continue working on their mods. I know a lot of really good Skyrim mods out there have been discontinued in their development simply because their programmers are just trying to get on with their lives; having to work real, paying jobs to get money.

Just imagine how much more awesome mods would be, could be, if they were made professionally; by programmers who put pride and effort into their mods as if it were their real, artistic career? (◕‿◕)

Just take SMIM, for instance; if Brumbek would've been able to make time for improving every single mesh in the game, Skyrim would have 8th-gen-level graphics...

Jack Carver: After the drama you ask? NOTHING!

karina Hey: Are you from denmark

Bigoun Big: 75% steam robbery

BAHB420: Gopher no doubt was getting a cut to lube the paywall dildo being inserted into the communities collective arse.


tk9780: If a mod maker bring something new & worthwhile to Skyrim, this would of course include updating older mods and most important also continue to support any mods they make/update into the future, allowing for things like free patch's / updates, then I'd have no problem paying say mod maker like Gopher $10-$20. However I don't want to have to pay Valve $40 - $100 just to give Gopher his messily cut, I'd rather donate via PayPal directly. 
Valve should be getting on making the next Half-Life, Bethesda in turn should have their fingers well into making Fall Out 4. 
Yes I know Valve and Bethesda have pulled the plug on charging for mods via Steam, but for how long? now the water has been tested, before the duo are back with a revised version of  Skyrim's Pay to enjoy.

tetsuoswrath: That's a real pickle move by steam. If anything, it should be "feel free to donate to the modder" or  "pay what you want." I don't think modding a video game(someone else's existing work) should be something you could bring in any income for.

And how does it handle copyright infringement? How can someone sell a mod for Skyrim that's based on another video game's characters?

Jester Muffin: If the mods are guaranteed to work properly, then it's ok. Buying a few mods for cheap that you know will work without breaking your game/saves is okay. But i still think that donations work better, not only they benefit the creator directly, it also makes the user of the mod want to donate if the mod actually works without problems.

SL1MSH4DY96: The problem I have with this is there isn't a default choice to make it a donation. I don't mind donating to those who make mods that are valuable to me provided I do so of my own volition but I object to being told the value of a work which that individual hasn't created from scratch by that individual.

I think the issue is firstly airplane simulator or war z esque in that substandard and shoddy content may be released as paid items and if the individual has any internet connection issues or if they put it into beta ie free updates then they take you outside the grace refund period. It would be easy to bypass the system in numerous ways to easily make money for content that doesn't deserve it especially as there is basically zero chance of steam moderating the posted mods in any way.

Secondly it may create a situation where mods invalidated by updates or unbeknownst that later conflict with other mods etc cannot be returned and the mod author may not or might not be able to fix them. Even assuming this if all of the best mods are put behind pay walls (which is essentially a preorder scenario given there is no demo option or any way to really view the content) it creates a situation where the experience of many is impaired for the profit of the few. I run over 100 mods on most games over time, there is no way I would do this if they were paid because I simply cant afford it so it damages the longevity of the game. If all the best mods are locked out to those who do not wish to pay it will result in a huge loss in the value of PC gaming as I mainly use my PC to run mods otherwise I may as well run most games on console because at least theyre guaranteed to work to some degree.

Finally as TB pointed out (I think) it would be ridiculously easy to steal, reupload and pirate content meaning people may brave malware to get stuff for free. I think it enters a dangerous area where DLC is outsourced so profit can be made from no effort and may flood the steam page with utter crap in order to make money as how will such an industry be regulated both in terms of malpractice and for example mods that unlock on disk DLC (which are common) may cause legal issues as may others for less obvious reasons. Modding is a hobby and a passion, whilst people have the right to make money for it I don't feel they should demand it because this is overcommercialisation without consideration. There are many pitfalls and it puts people like myself in a position where mods are unapproachable territory as I do not wish to arbitrarily pay for every mod produced that I like the description of (as that is the only criteria by which to judge) I would rather have the option to pay now or upon completion an amount that I choose.

Hopefully you read this and can respond with some points for consideration as I would enjoy seeing the pro argument as I am adamantly against this as of this moment.

Katze: I liked this idea, let the mod author charge for their mod if they want, Valve isn't forcing them to charge for their mod, its their choice.

Katze: Why were people complaining about this? The content creator (the mod author) should have the right to charge people for their time in creating the mod. They don't have to charge people, they can keep it free, but its their content, their choice.

Payed mods = More are better quality mods, as they get paid for their time.

Nightstalker133: well , just checked the workshop and , for example , the shadowscale set is available for free , dont know if it hasn´t hit the german steam workshop by now but i´m a bit confused now :D

MessengerOfTruth: Steam is on crack

Jaden: Paying for mods is an ESO style money-grab.

DammNation: Valve needs to stop here before they become EA. the next stop is we will have to pay to see trailers.
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PAYING FOR MODS? First Impressions