Trumark Slingshot (Review)

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Scott George: I just bought a Daisy B52 , a Marksman and a Trumark all wrist rockets πŸ˜€ Haven't used them yet but have an 8 acre farm , I also got three little 🐈🐈🐈 mousers for the squirrels . I wish you had shown the pouch you made .

Martian: in chicago they ain't but i have the same slingshot as him

usernamemykel: My son and I, not "Me and my son".

Recoil Spring: Bought my current Trumark slingshot in 2009, still have it, nice shooter. Had one in the 80's regret selling it. I appreciate the info on the flip open bottom, and the fold up feature, did not know about that, oops my bad.

Oscar Bello: I GOT MINE FOR $ 6.99 TODAY

Cody Fleming: Great price I got mine for $12.95

Monk: Me started using. Brilliant.

Paul Clare: Was that DHS flying over you? they may put you in a fema camp for having one of these!!!

JOHN RALPH KADUSALE: how much is that??

Mr fisherman: Illegal in NYC crazy huh?
Toys we had when we were kids are now illegal...
Soon breathing will be outlawed...

KamiyaK: sup, I'm new to slingshots, though I've watched a lotta vids concerning them. Does this particular slingshot work with 4.5mm copper bbs?

NaturalFork: Nice review. I love the Trumark stuff.

Adin Muskal: Can it get small game? (Squirl-pigian)

Roman Max: I have tge same one that i got 20 years ago and it still like new just need to change the bands every once in a awhile

Mark Payer: Bigden: Excellent video with sharp focus, and interesting product comments!
I also own a Model FS-1 which fits nicely in my backpack; the all aluminum frame makes it especially light, unlike the ones made from heavier metal (iron) frames. Very informative!
Trumark Slingshot (Review) 5 out of 5

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Trumark Slingshot (Review)