Gettinq My Dimples Pierced :)

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Cheek/Dimple Piercing Expierience   Day 1   2015
Cheek/Dimple Piercing Expierience Day 1 2015
Removing my cheek piercings!
Removing my cheek piercings!
My cheek piercing experience // & Retiring??
My cheek piercing experience // & Retiring??
♥All About My Dimple/Cheek Piercings♥  (7Months In)
♥All About My Dimple/Cheek Piercings♥ (7Months In)

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Hayle Savage: That piercer is a freaking idiot who needs his license freaking confiscated

Arianna P: why didnt he pierce from the outside going in if your mouth is so small? also they look great and so do you, so i dont think you need to worry about anybody leaving rude comments. your skin is awesome

Anna-Kay Thorpe: gonna pierce mine soon

Beth Cuccherini: completely incompetent piercer.

Kyla Wilkes: you don't look bad your pretty


stewiegriffin65: Slim Shady got into piercing

Tatinjaezmom: aww mad cute..but looks too tight lol it swells n the inside of mine went right through my cheek being like that smh hopefully she was lucky

Alycia Carrillo: Wow what an idiot , if u I'd do it for him he wud hate me ..payback bi**

michelle: that piercer is the worst piercer of all time. he was very rude. he did it wrong it didn't even line up where he made the mark and he didn't very slow which is way more painful and causes the cheek to swell way more. which btw he should've used an inch long tounge ring bar. flat backs aren't that good but even a one inch flat back would've been better than what this moron put in. Ibuprofen and ice doesn't take all the swelling away its still gonna swell that's why you use the 1 inch barbell AND you eat ice and Popsicles and crap to bring the swelling down but it won't go completely down or not swell at all its still swell like a bitch. and icecream is a terrible idea. you're not suppose to eat or drink dairy when you first get your piercing it can cause an infection. and rubbing alcohol is the worst possible thing you could use. you're suppose to use warm water and seasalts and rinse with it and clean the outside with it also. and you're suppose to use antibacterial soap on the outside aswell. and rinse with non alcohol mouth wash, because just as rubbing alcohol it irrates the piercing. which can cause problems.. he was a complete freaking idiot and shouldn't even have a professional job as being one. you should've done your research..

Ali Assel: & him saying using rubbing alcohol... NO! sea salt soaks and rinses ✔ hes an idiot

Ali Assel: Your piercer obviously doesnt know crap lol he shoulda put 1 inch flat back disk studs in or tongue rings in to give you room with swelling. Hope you changed em

Mewesical: This piercer is incompetent. Those bars are too short. You should've done some research before doing something like this, I hope they failed.

Jessica Stroud: i call bs on it didn't hurt. by the way your  foot was twitching id say it hurt.

Marina Gee: You're really pretty :3

CastielAngeloftheMoose: This piercer disgusts me. How did he even get his license? I hope everything went well with the piercing, though because improperly done cheek/dimple piercings can cause some bad problems.

YoungWildAndAwesome: Are they permanent?

fallingawayfromthenorm: Those bars are WAY too short, it's appalling he would put that in there!

Kerstain Parker: The bar was way to short. I have my dimples peirced and they gave me a one inch bar because the swelling gets really bad

Jajuan Hamilton: That is pain
Gettinq My Dimples Pierced :) 5 out of 5

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Gettinq My Dimples Pierced :)