84 Yakuza: Dead Souls Hard HD Walkthrough (Part 3 Chapter 1 - The Former Dragon 1/4)

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demochris1: I know this is non canon but how did ryuji lose his arm

Raymond Bermea: But whenever you see Goda's walkthrough, he's a takoyaki chef. He makes octopus balls. And in Majima's walkthrough, his dates with Saaya just reminded him of protecting Makoto Makimura in Yakuza 0.

Raymond Bermea: That's badass that Ryuji Goda has a Gatling Gun for an arm. I just wish the PS4 could make Yakuza Dead Souls 2 and it would be a multiplayer game than just a one player game. Like co-op play in the quarantine zone killing tons of zombies without dying. And more stuff in the story like the Director's Cut.

I'm Addicted To Everything: 1:01 Haha, THAT'S CUTE.

oroontheheels: Deep in my heart i wish that someday this will be considered a canon story x)
Kinda crazy, but in Yakuza 5 Gary's Camp is in the same location as in this game. (Coinsidence? I think not! :D)
Goda is such an amazing character <3

Rodimus Minor: 1:09 suck it Zombie I have a Prosthetic

BlackTear: holy crap he is awesome!!! xDD

TouchdownTamagotchi: I freakING LOVE YAKUZA DEAD SOULS I WISH THEY WOULD MAKE A freakING SEQUEL XD THAT WOULD BE freakING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gaminggoddess85: And now I finally start watching Goda's section because after playing through the first half of Yakuza 2 I thought he was a ruthless warmongering asshole and I hated him, but after actually finishing Y2 I see he's not such a bad guy at heart (still ruthless and warmongering though).

Also I like how diametrically opposed Akiyama and Majima's reactions are to his gun-arm. Akiyama loses his crap and Majima's grin just says "where can I get me one a' those?"

Gerret shadow: Damn yuji went from punching bag to bad ass zombie killer you movin on up

ましゅまろさん: what's strong man..

Tara X Smiles: If you get a dragon punch from Kiryu, you die. But somehow, Ryuji 'survived' his punch.

Hari Nivasan Chandrasekaran: how ruiji can be alive he should be dead right

Wolfboss7: 1:14-Shun and my friends-WHAT THE HELL!!!????? Me-This is JAPAN,remember? Everyone-Oh yeah.

Guilmonhero: Oh, I see.

GaloSengen: he got expelled from the Yakuza. and the price of expulsion is one hand.

idontwantaname yo: this guy is the saejima of this game

Guilmonhero: Is he missing his arm because of the last game?

GnosisZX: crap just got real now Ryuji is back

John Xi: This guy doesn't even give a freak
84 Yakuza: Dead Souls Hard HD Walkthrough (Part 3 Chapter 1 - The Former Dragon 1/4) 5 out of 5

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84 Yakuza: Dead Souls Hard HD Walkthrough (Part 3 Chapter 1 - The Former Dragon 1/4)