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Ian Poytress: When I was little I loved this movie now I just think it’s dumb

HufflePuff E: Am I the only one that didn't like this movie?

Zach Ruminer: The love monkey.

VStodder: Those first few minutes that they showed in the teaser trailer were just so good. This really could have been a huge game changing movie, had they taken note of WHY the teaser trailer was so good.

Ellis Magnuson: Failed at the box office? It made 349 million on a budget of 128 million!

Spanishdog17: When I was a kid I was obsessed with dinosaurs, so when I watched this movie I did not like it at all. The colors were so drab and dull and so were the dinosaurs. Instead of badass T-Rexes and Velociraptors they had these stupid lemurs which didn't even exist around the time of the dinosaurs.

Grayman 2003: The first 5 minutes to this movie is one of the GREATEST things I’ve ever seen from Disney. I just wished the damn Dino’s didn’t talk! Ah well, that’s what the mute button is for.

random channel: What I loved about this film is that its the only Disney film I'd seen that shown violence.

Anthony Sanchez: Mr DNA voice Dine-O-Saur

Kendra Braun: the only thing that ever stuck out to me about this movie was its soundtrack.

FancyXcornXdog: I grew up with this movie on vhs and I became obsessed with dinosaurs. and I never saw the Jurassic park movies till I was like 18. the reason I loved it as a kid was because I don't mind that the dinos talked it was one hundred percent dinosaur one hundred percent of the time.

Johnathan Wells: He complains that a dinosaur is a dog and not "a different animal"
It's interesting how most people don't understand dinosaurs were what mammals are now. Dogs and humans are mammals, yet so different.

Bloody Luna: Could someone tell me why do most people that watched cartoon movies first want the digital movies to be the exact same thing, or want the perhaps be similar or same?
I do get people have different opinions and everything but when they start bashing it from the beginning and barely mention the good things, and keep reminding "That the cartoons are better." than its seriously ticks me off.
The animals talk because it's disney and most things from disney are for kids. I think children would be more confused if the animals wouldn't talk at all.
The reason why they made those dinosaurs so real is cause they wanted them to be real, they wanted to give out the real feeling since they actually existed and most of the plot is based on true facts. And actually you can tell a good story by doing this, if you know how to do it well.
And they actually did it very well. I do get that cartoons were first and those who saw it first will most likely say they were better, but you have to at least agree that for the fact it was done in the begging of 2000 it was very, well done.
Personally I hate the cartoon of the dinosaurs was pretty good, but not very interesting.
But it did have good animation, good stories, good morals but maybe it's because I'm more into the realistic dinosaurs much more than the cartoon ones.

Chakotay Munsami: I always wondered why the carnotaurus can't talk, it's so dinosaur racist, all dinosaurs are related genetically like dogs and wolfs or cats and lions

Sunaki1000: I like the Carnotaurs. All freaking Movies give us Raptors and T-Rexes. And bot are great, but we have so much more Dinosaurs. Carnotaurs is a freaking Monster whit Bullhorns for Gods sake. How can this lower populare as a T-Rex?

Ichiraku RamenShop祝: You sound like a hater lol

Katarina Aguilar: you are right on all accounts doug. but i wish you'd at least brought up how awesome the music is. the score is one of my favorite things about this movie :)

Cindy Mauro: I loving the dinosaurs, the music, and the attempt at a realistic survival scenario. At the time, the meteorite impact theory was really taking hold as evidence for why dinosaurs became extinct so a lot of Dino films tried their hand at it. For me, the first 20-30 minutes is the best. When the cliche love interest shows up, I think that's where the movie plummets. I felt the survival story could have been really strong (hell the first land before time is a survival story) so the focus could be on how you act as a leader. Whether you choose to sacrifice the group for (the greater good!) Or you stick up for each other. Yes this is land before time territory but if they focused more on the "stunning" landscapes, the movie could've been stronger. And I too, as a kid, hated it that the predators never talked (and even the non-main dinosaurs didn't talk, wtf). I wish there was consistency with that (again land before time nearly has all the dinosaurs talk, except the predators which at least makes sense if you want to think that they're "animals" and not as intelligent to the herbivores).

TheShockinglyEloquentDog woof: but what the freak kind of dinosaurs are those???

Luke Marston: had you watched this movie as a kid you would know how GOOD it is, but nah ya had to try and butcher it like a picklehead... ya failed douchbag
Nostalgia Critic | Dinosaur 5 out of 5

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Ian Poytress: When I was little I loved this movie now I just think it’s dumb
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